Alaska to Challenge Listing of Polar Bear as Endangered Species

Alaskans are going to court to challenge the listing of polar bears — unwilling to allow actions to protect endangered polar bears if it would threaten oil and gas revenues. The Alaskan politicians have a long and uninterrupted record of being the most hostile anti-environmentalists in government. Gov. Sarah Palin has joined this infamous line — once again making her government as mere extension of the oil industry. Given the recent corruption tapes showing Alaskan legislators promising to “sell [their] souls to the devil”, it appears that the fireside sale continues.

Of course, Palin and her industry pals are accusing the notoriously anti-environmental Bush Administration of being too protective over the animals and too concerned over global warming.

A U.S. Geological Survey study completed last year as part of the petition process predicted polar bears in Alaska could be wiped out by 2050. Yet, Palin insisted that that is time to “study” the problem while her political allies continue to pump and drill for oil.

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  1. Polar Bears are not endangered anymore than the eagle was over false DDT scares…….and tens of millions have died of Malaria since the use of this life saving pesticide was stopped.

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