Witch Burnings Continue Worldwide

Just a few weeks after 15 women were burned as witches in Kenya, witch burning has continued in India. Last week, an indian woman in Bhuganeswar, India between the latest victim of this international practice.

The woman in this latest case was first beaten and then taken to to a crematorium where she was set on fire in front of the village. She was blamed for the death of a neighbor by the decease’s husband and relatives.

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4 thoughts on “Witch Burnings Continue Worldwide”

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  2. Thank goodness bad outcomes from superstitious beliefs could never happen here.

    Perhaps we should enlighten those in Kenya, and bless them with some more paletteable, modern institutions of superstition we’ve had success with?

    Let’s start with one institution that can create a modern army of pedophiles for Kenya, fueled by sexual repression and denial. If they need to grow this institution quickly, many here would recommend following the template of success we had in granting tax-free status to these superstitions! You know: a smart, pro-growth, incentive-based policy makes a real difference in moving things along.

    How about bringing Kenya into some new geopolitical and military conflicts in the name of End Times superstitions? Or one to see to it that children are left institutionalized rather than adopted by qualified parents… particularly if the genitals of those parents don’t match correctly? Just think of the needless suffering!

    Burning witches? We can burn entire nations in the name of our superstitions! Watch and learn, Kenya.

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