Student Leaves High School After Muslim Students Threaten to Kill His Service Dog

Tyler Hurd, a 23-year-old high school junior in St. Cloud, Minn., felt compelled to leave a teacher-training program at Technical High School when Muslim students reportedly threatened to kill his service dog Emmitt because it is forbidden for Muslims to pet a dog.

The black lab has been trained to work with Hurd who suffers seizures after a childhood head injury. He wants to be a special education teacher but found a very hostile response from many of the students, particularly those from Somali families.

While the teachers say that this is a misunderstanding, it is hard to see how this situation developed without early intervention. If a threat was made, the question is what the officials did with the student who threatened the dog. This is not a religious question. This is a disciplinary question. The student should have been expelled from such a threat, which combined not only a threat of animal cruelty but by extension an attack on a disabled individual.

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5 thoughts on “Student Leaves High School After Muslim Students Threaten to Kill His Service Dog”

  1. What is with the media. They have to exaggerate ANYTHING that goes against Muslims. For example, one tiny sect of Islam forbids Muslims from petting a dog. The media manipulates the flow of information to make it seem like Muslims are ultra terrorists. It is not forbidden for my sect of Islam to pet a dog. My uncle has a dog in his farm and we pet it whenever we visit the farm. The only inconvenience, however, is that dogs are najis, so therefore, we must clean the parts of our bodies that have been touched by the dog before engaging in holy practices like prayer.
    Keep manipulating information flow, media, the truth will be revealed one day.

  2. Its been my observation that the bizarre religious stories have been in parity across denominational lines.

  3. How many bizarre categorized posts on this blog contain bizarre-Christian and bizarre-Jewish stories. Just curious. Compared to bizarre-Muslim stories I mean.

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