Triple Lutz and Double Lie? Olympic Skater Oksana “Pasha” Grishuk Accused of Lying to Police; Charges Dropped in Alleged Drugging

While she was once known for a near perfect triple lutz in winning two gold medals for Russia, Olympic skater Oksana Grishuk is now being accused of a double lie with a backstab. Grishuk, 36, implicated James R. Halstead of drugging her drink during a lunch at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Hotel in Dana Point, California. He was arrested, but all charges have now been dropped for lack of evidence before his arraignment. Moreover, his counsel says that he supplied police with evidence that Grishuk had lied about their relationship and his client strongly suggested that she set him up.

Grishuk found a pill in her wine that later proved to be Rohypnol, commonly used as a date-rape drug. However, Halstead’s attorney said that her blood proved negative for the drug. Much more he supplied text messages, e-mails, telephone records and personal notes showing that Grishuk had a romantic relationship with Halstead. Grishuk denied such a relationship at a news conference at the Sheriff’s department. Halstead accused her of slipping pill in her own drink when he left to use the restroom for about 15 minutes.

If Grishuk lied to police and put the pill in her own drink, it would certainly be a crime. Moreover, Halstead and Grishuk could have libel actions for any statements made outside of the police report (which is privileged). An allegation of framing Halstead or drugging Grishuk would constitute slander per se under the criminal category.

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  1. Charge dismissed in alleged drugging of Olympian

    SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — At prosecutors’ request, a judge on Monday dismissed the case against a man who was accused of slipping a date-rape drug into the drink of former Olympic ice dancer Oksana “Pasha” Grishuk.

    Investigators in the Orange County District Attorney’s Office concluded that they could not prove the case against James R. Halstead beyond a reasonable doubt, spokeswoman Susan Schroeder said.

    Halstead’s attorney, Michael Molfetta, called the case a “piece of junk” and said Grishuk wrongly denied that she and his client had had a romantic relationship.

    Halstead said Monday he thinks the partially dissolved pills Grishuk reported finding in two drinks were put there by the skater herself.

    The pills tested positive for Nimetazepam, which is similar to the date-rape drug GHB, but Schroeder said toxicology tests on Grishuk’s blood showed no trace of the drugs.

    “There was no corroborating evidence that would indicate who actually … put the substance in the drink and we just couldn’t prove who did it,” Schroeder said. “There are many, many elements that we looked at.”

    Halstead was charged last month with a felony count of administering a drug, but Molfetta and the DA agreed last week to dismiss it. The charge was formally voided Monday at what was to have been an arraignment hearing in Orange County Superior Court, Molfetta said.

    “They originally made a mistake in filing it and I think they corrected that mistake,” Molfetta said of prosecutors. “I approached them. I said, ‘This is not the way it looks, this woman is on a media tour.’ It just struck me as being very, very odd and very, very suspicious.”

    Through her attorney, Gloria Allred, Grishuk said she was “very disappointed” by the district attorney’s decision.

    Grishuk, 36, said last month that she had not been romantically involved with Halstead, 61 and repeated that denial in Monday’s statement.. She told investigators she knew him because they had discussed starting a clothing and vitamin line.

    Molfetta, however, said that Halstead and Grishuk had had a lengthy romantic relationship and he had provided text messages, e-mails, telephone records and personal notes to the district attorney’s office to prove it.

    Schroeder said she was aware of Halstead’s claims but that “it’s unclear as to whether they had a relationship or not — and frankly, that’s just one part of this case.” She said no charges would be filed against Grishuk.

    Halstead said Grishuk wanted to marry him, but he was going through a divorce and told her no. He also said she wanted him to travel to Europe with her as her agent, but he refused.

    “She got really upset with me because she said, ‘Can’t you find me a man with money who could take care of me?'” Halstead told The Associated Press by telephone. “She kept saying, ‘Jim, I’m in love with you.'”

    Halstead said Grishuk initiated their April 12 meeting at the posh St. Regis Monarch hotel because she accused him of missing Valentine’s Day. He said he believes she slipped the pill in her own drink when he left to use the restroom for about 15 minutes.

    “We seemed to be having a nice time. Next thing you know, she reaches into the glass and pulls out this pill and says, ‘What is this?'” Halstead said. “I don’t why she did this, whether she was mad at me or crazy. It doesn’t make any sense.”



  3. From the website linked to these lovely posts:

    “Welcome to Oksana Grishuk’s Website

    In the words of Ottavio Cinquanta, President of ISU, “Oksana without doubt is the best female skater ever.”

    Born 17 March 1974 in Odessa/ Ukraine, Oksana Grishuk was the only child of parents who divorced when she was 6 months old. At that time Oksana’s father was a football player and her mother was an University student. At age four Oksana started her skating. She has always been someone who does everything with all her heart – with passion, intelligence and a love of perfection. This kind of dedication has been rewarded with a vast array of international prizes.”

    But apparently no PR skills whatsoever, huh, Oksana?

    What say we send a link of this page to ESPN and the IOC?

    I’m sure they’ll appreciate your little hissy fit as much as I did.

    Just an idea.

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