Three Husbands Too Many: Florida Woman Charged With Bigamy

    Eurice Rodriguez, a 46-year-old Cuban national living in Hialeah, Florida, has been arrested for marrying four men and divorcing none of them. It may stand as a modern record. She faces three counts of bigamy.

    One has to wonder whether you run out of places of bridal registries with this number of weddings in such a short time. On January 9th, 2006 Rodriguez married Alcides Orozco. An April 14, she married Nestor Angel Sacco on April 14th. In May 2006, she married Ivan Quintero. Finally in August 2007, she married Hector Angel Sierra. (Sacco later received a divorce in November 2006)., according to a Certificate of Marriage filed with the Miami Dade Clerk of Court.

    We have seen other bigamy cases recently, here, but this is one for the record books.

    While I have been a critic of the criminalization of polygamy, here, bigamy is another matter. If true, Rodriguez lied repeatedly to secure marriage licenses and the benefits from them. She also likely misrepresented her status with these men.

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