Chief Judge Kozinski Calls for an Investigation of Himself

In a wise move, Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski has asked for an investigation into his controversial site containing sexual and allegedly obscene material. The request was made to the
U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ Judicial Council.

Kozinski was the target of a bitter Beverly Hills attorney named Cyrus Sanai who has been shopping the story for months. Click here.

In this latest article, Kozinski reveals that his son informed him of the access of the site by the public at the same time that the media latched on to the story. Kozinski stated that “I don’t pay much attention to what’s on there. There’s lots of stuff I see (on the site) and I don’t remember. I haven’t gone through and looked at it. Some of it, I should have. … I had no intention of making these files public.”

For the latest story, click here.

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  1. badger, et al, get a fricken clue – nobody cares what you think!

    To put it plainly in context and in somewhat not so infamous words,
    you (and ‘yours’) are “incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial”…

    You should feel proud knowing only YOU can be all three simultaneously.


    p.s. mespo, we need to resolve his appearance on the Dating Game and his self-designated ‘stud/judge’ status… I don’t see it, personally 😉

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