“Desperate Housewives” Trial Planned for Two Mothers in Pennsylvania

Angela Honeycutt, 38, and Lynne Long-Higham, 45, have been deemed the “desperate housewife” defendants in Bucks County, Pa. after being charged with abuse or endangerment of teenage boys. Honeycutt is accused of actual sexual contact while Long-Higham is accused of endangering the welfare of children. If proven true, it is astonishing that these two women would think that they could get away with such a party with teenage boys.

The alleged crimes occurred during a sleepover with the Long-Higham home.
with six boys – five were 15 and one was 14.

The interesting legal question will be the endangerment charge. (The abuse charges are straight forward). Long-Higham is accused to listening in at the bathroom door with the other boys, including one who notes that Honeycutt could get into trouble for this. Long-Higham reportedly tells them that, for that reason, they need to keep this a secret.

In this type of case, you would normally see a plea effort by Long-Higham’s counsel. However, with the boys as witnesses, the prosecutors clearly want to nail both of the women.

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