Shock Video: Children Buried Alive in Amazon

In a very disturbing video below, children are buried alive in an Amazonian tradition, including a little boy who dies because no one will raise him. It is rare footage of a practice involving hundreds of children a year.

Warning, this video is very disturbing. I was unaware of this practice until seeing this video. However, one of the great values of the Internet and video sites is to educate people on such barbaric practices. Regardless of the cultural norms and sensitivities, it should be the obligation of Brazil and other nations to end this horrible practice. Perhaps if enough people watch this video, something might be done.

This site has one such description:

After being born, November 21, 2003 at 7 am, he was buried alive by his mother, Kanui. She was carrying out a ritual prescribed by the cultural norms of the Kamaiurás, which require that children of unwed mothers be buried alive. To seal the fate of Amalé his grandparents walked on top of the mound. Nobody heard even a cry from the child. Two hours after the ceremony, in a gesture of defiance against the whole tribe, his aunt Kamiru set out to disinter the baby. She recalls that his eyes and nose were bleeding profusely and that he first began to cry only eight hours later. The older Indians believe that Amalé only escaped death because that day the earth of the pit was mixed with numerous leaves and sticks, which could have created a small air bubble.

For the video, click here.

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  1. Shit this I again! I can never bring my self to watch and finish this video… I have children around their age.. The first time I see this I was so curious but I stop half way. Tears are forming in my as I watch Then I stopped because I remember my children. and all of the what ifs came crawling in to me… This is VERY BARBARIC. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK…

  2. it’s a horrible practices of people who are in such condition w/c they never care and understand what price of life it is. and also the reason they have lack of knowledge, education, We have respect in every tradition in every nation but in this case of situation, we must give concern of this practices to save the lives of million child who buried alive.

  3. My God in heaven, have mercy on these little frail souls. I was like shouting no in front of the computer while the child was being buried, this is so horrifying and so inhumane, i can not believe that this is happening (in this day and age). Something must be done to stop this KILLINGS. I beg UN and other similar organizations to intervene immediately.

  4. im 54 yrs of age and i wanted to observe this issue on children killing by thier own father and give a comment later after watching it..

  5. I just watched this video the other day on facebook in which someone had posted and I cannot quit thinking about how cruel. Now finding this web page I am in disbelief that I haven’t heard anything about this until now. Why isn’t the UN or human right’s group getting involved to at least maybe educate these people and maybe arrange adoptions or something. Anyone just has to think about it for a moment what would it feel like being buried alive and then stomped on. The poor child walked to his on grave and never resisted which showed he trusted the man that placed him in his grave and killed him. I am extremely pissed over this and this will probably stay in my mind for years. Is anyone pursuing changes???

  6. There is an under-current that would have you believe this is not happening in the Amazon. The people supporting this practice are ones to watch and may be mass murderers themselves.

    The only way to prevent the repeat of these murders is to compromise the murderers, and to raise awareness to the Nations involved that they are responsible should they choose to accept this practice. Their own children? Will they accept it.

  7. Phew…thank God it’s fake. I couldn’t sleep for days when I first saw the video and was still thinking about it after many months later.

    I was like Florence Marques, hoping that some organisation would do something to save these children.

  8. It’s difficult for me to express how disturbing this story is. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video.

    Those of us who live in contemporary, industrialized society probably often forget that all humanity once lived like this. Perhaps not with these kinds of rituals or practices, but the state of human understanding was once like this everywhere. Morality, law, ethics, all of these things are developments in the intellectual evolution of our species.

    We all stand on the shoulders of those who, in times past, saw episodes like this and chose to do something different.

  9. This is sooooo wrong. Those people should be buried alive. I am going to be sick. I have kids that are those ages. what in Gods name is wrong with these people???? I agree the UN should intervene here. Save these poor children. NOW. Not in 6 months, NOW. May God be with those children.

  10. How can we help these innocent souls? Can we sign a petition please advise what is the way forward and what is being done?

    Surely the US government and the United Nations should intervene against this cruel inhumane way of children dying.

    The United Nations should step in and help these kids because its not about stepping back and respecting people’s cultures, but its about Human Rights and the right to live which should surpasses any culture, race, jurisdiction etc.

    When a stray animal is found helpless in wild, there is organisation body ie the RSPCA that steps to help against cruelty against animals.

    Therefore all governments should step in against Cruelty against Children worldwide regardless on whether they have jurisdiction to do so in a foreign country or not because this is part of HUMAN RIGHTS.

    Organisation under the umbrella of Cruelty against kids should unit and fight against this information. The United Nations should do something before more innocent lives are lost.

    May God hear the prayers of these children and save them from such cruelty.

    Let us all do our part in stopping this by spreading the news to all our local authorities and Heads of State.

  11. Mespo,

    You might have a point except for the fact that American abortions can be and are perfomed way past the point of quickening up until the moment of birth. That’s tantamount to infanticide and is equally barbaric to burying children alive.


  12. “Enlightened human beings ….”

    I guess that wouldn’t include Aquinas or Jerome, or even Aristotle who permitted abortion at any time prior to the “quickening.” So lucky to have don around to enlighten us over these dolts of history.

  13. Enlightened human beings have the same reaction to the practice of abortion as mespo had to this atrocious practice.

  14. russ:

    Oh I can fathom it, but I don’t easily assign to people I don’t happen to agree with. That’s the neo-con way.

  15. mespo; you just cannot fathom evil can you? go crawl back under your blanky.

  16. I retract my statement that we obviously have evolved from other primates. Even they would not stoop this low, or possible our moral evolution did not match our physical one.

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