Judge Thomas Porteous Moves Closer to Impeachment

In a critical step toward impeachment, the United States Judicial Conference voted unanimously to forward charges against U.S. District Judge Thomas Porteous to the House of Representatives for impeachment. He is accused of perjury, accepting gifts from lawyers and violating other criminal and ethical standards. Unless he resigns, he would be the first federal judge impeached in 19 years.

The decision follows a similar decision from a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans in decision, click here.

Porteoius is accused of committing perjury by signing false financial disclosures to conceal cash and things of value that he solicited from lawyers appearing before him. He is also accused of filing false financial disclosures to conceal income, gifts, loans and liabilities.

On case involving a Kenner hospital lawsuit has been cited after he refused to recuse himself despite the fact that the attorneys in the case gave him some of the gifts and were friends.
The next step will be a resolution for impeachment leading ultimately to a possible Senate trial.

Porteous is a Clinton nominee. He received both his BA and JD from Louisiana State University. He served as Special counsel, Office of the State Attorney General, Louisiana, 1971-1973;
Chief, Felony Complaint Division, District Attorney’s Office, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, 1973-1975; City attorney, City of Harahan, Louisiana, 1982-1984; and Judge, 24th Judicial District Court of Louisiana, 1984-1994

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3 thoughts on “Judge Thomas Porteous Moves Closer to Impeachment”

  1. While the Judicial Council is at it, they should refer Alex Kozinski for House impeachment. He has made the 9th Circuit a smut circus, destroyed federal property, and made the 9th Circuit even more disrespected than it already was.
    Are we(taxpayers) suppose to support that circus with tax payer money , so that circuit can be some smut zone, in the Clerk’s offices.
    Then we see former Federal clerk’s with WWW sites, justifying the law breaking of Kozinski, just because he panders to SOME FAR RIGHT WWW SITES.(run by ex Clerks)
    Does the name Ted Frank, at Overlawyered DOT com ring a bell.
    Kozinski should be referred for impeachment and a whole range of Congressional Hosue discovery, supboenas should commenct on matters, as soon as Jan 25th, 2009.
    Frank is also into some GOP think tank, AEI, and the federal courts should not become the GOP playground(tainted with political influence) for far right PERVS.
    Thank God, Larry Craig was arrested at the Minn Airport, and will no longer be in the Senate.
    Some Senate staffer(ex) has called for the impeachment of Kozinski, the ex Chief Assistant for Alan Simpson.(now an attorney in VA.)

  2. Well he can always pull a Hastings and run for Congress. Let a little time pass, and he will have a bright future in politics.

  3. If the House initiates impeachment proceedings in this case, maybe they should also go after Jutice Scalia for not recusing himself from a few cases. Not to mention Bush and Cheney themselves.

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