Stop at Boardwalk; Go Straight to Jail: Atlantic City Council Members Face Blackmail Charges

Former Atlantic City Council president Craig Callaway, his brothers David and Ronald, and a friend, Floyd Tally, and City Councilman John Schultz are all charged in a bizarre blackmail case against another Atlantic City pol, Councilman Eugene Robinson. They are charged with conspiring to film Robinson (who is a minister) in his encounter with a prostitute in a motel room. Craig Callaway is accused of having meetings near the Boardwalk with an FBI agent where he admitted to the conspiracy.

The accused allegedly arranged to have rooms next to Robinson’s and filmed the encounter in order to force Robinson to resign. They got rooms 101 and 102 and then wired Robinson’s room with a camera hidden in a clock radio. Craig Callaway then allegedly edited the film at home after they paid a prostitute $150 to $200 to perform a sex act on Robinson.

In a demonstration of what constitutes solid moral values in Atlantic City, the Right Honorable Rev. Robinson insists that the sex was consensual and that money he gave the woman was to buy sodas. He has refused to resign.

Craig Callaway is now trying to get statements thrown out of the case.

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