MySpace Rage: Girlfriend Stabs Child for Deleting Comment on MySpace Page

We have seen fraud, harassment, and even suicide allegations tied to MySpace in the last year. Now, we have an attempter murder allegation against 18-year-old Stephanie Torres for stabbing her boyfriend’s 12-year-old niece, Stephanie Usche. She was reportedly mad at the girl erasing a comment on her MySpace page.

After the recent Lori Drew indictment in the Megan Meier suicide, MySpace appears to be something a magnet for these cases.

According to reports, Torres has an inch-long knife that hung from her keychain — not a good sign. She used the knife to stabe the girl three times. She then took her pit pull, Kia and fled — only to be arrested by Dover police.

Torres is charged with aggravated assault and weapons possession charges and has been previously charged in two assaults.

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3 thoughts on “MySpace Rage: Girlfriend Stabs Child for Deleting Comment on MySpace Page”

  1. To make a massive understatement, there is a lot of rage in this society. I see this rage everywhere. It is often directed at the powerless such as children and detainees. I think there are many reasons to feel rage, but it often seems utterly misdirected and opaque to those who feel it. Rage is a real example of “the unexamined life is not worth living”. Rage needs to be acknowledged and properly directed to stop the real source of the harm. Obviously a 12 year old girl is not a proper object of this woman’s rage.

    I just witnessed a very kind woman working to prevent domestic violence in the muslim community get verbally attacked by a person who rationally should have supported her work. I would say it was bizarre, but I have seen this type of thing too many times.

    We need to understand, a. that we are angry (when we are angry) and 2. correctly attribute the source of that anger. Then we can join with others to really address a problem.

  2. This site seems to be a magnet for seriously disturbed individuals of all ages. One of the reasons I’m very glad my son isn’t even aware of its existence.

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