Bonkers in Yonkers: Police Officer Charged with Body-Slamming Woman in Restaurant

Yonkers officer Wayne Simoes has been charged with violating the civil right of Irma Marquez when he body slammed her on a tile floor causing serious injuries.

The video is below.

Simoes was responding to a medical call at the La Fonda restaurant on March 3, 2007. As this video shows, Simoes throws Marquez face first into the floor. He insisted that he was only trying to help the medical team attending to her niece (who had been hit by a bottle) by keeping her from interfering.

She suffered a broken jaw and extensive bruises. She was also arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental administration — a jury later acquitted her. Despite this video, Simoes was cleared by an internal investigation.

Marquez is suing the police department for $11.3 million. Simoe could get 10 years in prison if convicted.

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7 thoughts on “Bonkers in Yonkers: Police Officer Charged with Body-Slamming Woman in Restaurant”

  1. When I’d first heard this story on the news and watched the video I was sickened. The first reports stated this woman was at a bar. It’s a restaurant. She had also had a few drinks, not drunk, as they’ve stated. Did she honestly deserve this? And how on earth did this officer see her as a threat?

    He was acquitted. It was stated the floor was sticky and wet, however, he doesn’t seem to be slipping or losing his balance at all? Shame, shame on each of the officers in that restaurant that stood by and watched this disgusting excuse of a “cop” injure a woman to this extent for what? Trying to watch over her niece?

    And to think this animal is out there on the streets – lord help us all.

  2. Riff:

    Come on Riff. You missed a few like “Bush loving neo-cons” or “baby seal clubers.” The correct analysis is exactly what you said it was. To say that neo-cons are authoritarians doesn’t seem to be much of an stretch in view of Abu-Graib and Guantanamo. BTW we’re not bitter, we’re like tiny little furry mammals scurrying around happily in the woods awaiting the end of the dinosaurs by a meteor of their own making.

    On the last of your observations (“Jerk should be fired and fined”), how’s incarceration suit you?

  3. I can’t see how this is a liberal-vs-conservative argument….but bitter liberals will attempt to make it one….Any how, back to the REAL issue at hand……Pushing at the cop WRONG!….If you assault a police officer, your bad, deal with the price……BUT!!!!!!!….Breaking the womans jaw, and possible brain injury, or concussion……..WRONG…WRONG….WRONG!!!!!!Dude was waaaaaaaay to damn rough. He could have PROPERLY subdued her without injury….if he acted as a law enforcement proffesional…..Jerk should be fired and fined. Signed Riff the angry evil christian bible thumping gun clinging white anglo saxon racist destroy the world hate the enviroment kill caribou and polar bears beef eating baby killing military supporting conservative….phew!!!!there I think I covered most of the usual labels liberals try to put on conservatives….to all others god bless, be safe have a nice day….lol…riff

  4. Neo-con Law School* Test Question:

    Question: Let’s try and gauge proportionate use of force by a law enforcement officer using an admittedly unrealistic hypothetical: Upset 120 pound female and family member of an assault victim who is accused of no wrong doing takes exception to blasé attitude of police officer investigating assault claim. When she voices her concern and grazes the male 185 pound officer’s clothing with her hand, she is lifted from the ground and slammed onto a concrete floor face first resulting in traumatic brain injury and consequential loss of memory. Other officers at the scene, when confronted by the FBI, concede that the 38 year old officer used excessive force. Victim is a citizen in a democracy, and officer has sworn to uphold the law and implicitly to protect the public like the victim in our hypo. Appropriate force? Criminal charges against whom?

    Answer: If you answered, that he Yonkers Police Department found the use of force reasonable and that local DA pressed charges against the victim of the assault/battery for disturbing the peace, give yourself a good ol’ neo-con that-a-boy and apply for citizenship in Burma. You have won the authoritarian of the year award. Congratulations!

    * Jay, give me credit I resisted the urge to say Regents Law School here.

  5. Greetings pukes!

    Here’s my personal posting policy for this blog. If someone seems sincere I try to answer. If they are not willing to engage in a reasonable discussion I quit posting to them.

    For the other people who are just spewing hate, personal attacks and statements devoid of evidence, or not open to evidence, then I don’t respond at all.

    I feel latter types may be posting to keep us thinking about them, and nothing else.


    Loved the bin laden post!


  6. i guess it doesn’t matter she is seen pushing & striking the officer in the video.

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