Shock Video: Georgia Teen Charged with Child Cruelty After Posting YouTube Video

A YouTube video showing a baby being launched across the room has been traced to a Georgia teen who has been charged with child cruelty. The Lee County Sheriff has decided not to charge the other teen who filmed the stunt shown in the video below.

It is a disturbing video of moronic teens causing the baby to fly several feet. For the video, click here.

A 16-year-old Lee County boy was arrested Tuesday after one of his school teachers saw the video and called the sheriff’s office.

This video easily calls to mind the puppy tossing video from Iraq, click here.

Of course, this one involves two teenage boys as opposed to adult Marines. Moreover, teenagers are notoriously clueless about the consequences of their actions. However, a complete lack of judgment and compassion is revealed in both videos.

For the full story, click here/

The 16-year-old Lee County boy was arrested Tuesday after a school teacher saw the video and called the sheriff’s office.

20 thoughts on “Shock Video: Georgia Teen Charged with Child Cruelty After Posting YouTube Video”

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  7. Martha you are a complete idiot. You should be catapulted into the ocean along with the rest of the uneducated morons of this world.

  8. My faith in humanity has gone completely down the drain. Where are the child’s parents when all of this is happening. Complete lack in judgment is not even the word for this. You cannot tell me that this kid didn’t know what the hell he was doing. This is the sickest thing I have ever seen in my life. This kid should be charged with attempted murder not child cruelty. What a joke. I would like to see that kid thrown of the empire state building. That kid should be thrown in jail for at least 25 years. And the person filming it didn’t even get charged. As far as I see it, he was an accessory to this heinous crime. And the parents of this poor poor baby should get thrown in jail as well to have such poor judgment to leave their infant in the care of two complete RETARDS!!! My opinion in some people being sterilized is justified! I hope these people rot on hell. My feelings on the justice have proven correct as well, you are all just as stupid as the criminals.

  9. Is Martha a real person? If so, she is an example of how far the education system in this country has fallen.

  10. martha:

    Thank you once again for your well reasoned attack on the messenger and not his message. I must conclude that you grudgingly agree with my thoughts but cannot muster the mental horsepower to rebut or refute them. Keep working on it. I see big things ahead for you though. Maybe Bush needs another adviser a la intellectual giants Harriet Myers or Alberto Gonzalez since those rats have already scurried down the gang planks. Your far right perspective and abilities to create invective will serve you well working for Don Bush-leone.

  11. mespo writes: History’s not your strong suit I see.

    Intelligence is not YOUR strong suit we see.

  12. martha:

    “my goodness, when did this baby get rights? when she was born? ”

    That’s been the law for centuries until whackos like you decided to impose your religious beliefs on the rest of us. Only persons born alive have rights independent from the mother. History’s not your strong suit I see.

  13. mespo, but based on your idiotic postings in an earlier topic, you certainly don’t consider the baby a living breathing person with rights do you? my goodness, when did this baby get rights? when she was born? but what is birth other than a day a baby leaves the protection of the womb. so when did this baby earn your outrage? certainly not at conception. certainly not for 6 months or more after conception. at what point did the live human being in a womb earn your outrage at mistreatment?

  14. Barack Obama was against capital punishment before he was for it also, but this baby might not even be alive today even if born alive had there been a President Obama 8 years ago. I find his vote to permit putting to death a live born baby in the Illinois State Legislature upsetting at the least.

    Wonder how Bawack sleeps at night.

  15. I am now officially rethinking my opposition to capital punishment.

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