Pope Given Over 4000 Years in Prison in Texas

In Weaterford, Texas, James Kevin Pope has reason to be pessimistic about his release date. The child molester received 40 life terms for each sexual assault conviction plus another 20 years for three other crimes with children. The grand totalfrom tate District Judge Graham Quisenberry: 4.060 years.

Pope, 43, abused various girls over a two year period. The U.S. Secret Service found more than 200 images of child porn on his computer.

There is an old story in the defense bar of a criminal defendant given a 50-year sentence from a judge and exclaims, “but, Judge, I’m 45 now and I don’t think I can do all that time!” The judge responded, “Well, just do the best you can.”

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6 thoughts on “Pope Given Over 4000 Years in Prison in Texas”

  1. Emily
    1, August 9, 2011 at 7:05 am
    4000 years, wow that’s too much

    too much? What about the girls that have to live with this for the rest of their lives? Maybe you are right, Emily – maybe they should just cut off his boy parts and let him live out the rest of his days at his home with his computer.

  2. With our court system so screwed up that a person can in some cases, be released after only 5 or ten years after receiving a life sentence. I can see why judges and juries have to resort to such extremes to insure a criminal actually serves a life sentence.

  3. The extreme far right Barack Obama would have put him to death since he (Obama) recently disagreed with the Supreme Court.

    I might vote for Obama – recently he (Obama) appears to be more of a Conservative than Bob Barr.

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