Lord Chief Justice Endorses Use of Sharia Law in Some Cases

Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips has declared that Islamic legal principles can be applied by courts to resolve certain family, marital, or contractual cases. In a speech at an East London mosque, Lord Phillips said that Sharia can be applied so long as it does not conflict with English law.

Phillips stated: “Those entering into a contractual agreement can agree that the agreement shall be governed by a law other than English law.”

The policy has been criticized by many lawyers over concerns with the incorporation of religious values and a concern among women’s groups that Sharia is prejudicial to women and principles of equality.

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12 thoughts on “Lord Chief Justice Endorses Use of Sharia Law in Some Cases”

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  2. Mespo,
    Thanks for your kind words. As for being adult in my arguments, sometimes I feel like an old, lefty fart, that’s hung around long enough to see that while politics matter, it’s ego and greed that rules the roost.On both sides of the spectrum there are people who substitute dogma for thought.

    Too many of my co-religionists for instance follow the Lieberman mantra, not realizing that it prevents Israel from attaining the peace it desires. On certain left wing websites I’ve found abuse directed at me by people who eschew history, but follow the dogma of an “underdog” myth to equate Israeli’s with Nazi’s.

    Meanwhile, the Arab & Islamic masses are mired in poverty, deprivation and misery, while their rulers awash in luxury give them the bogeyman of Israel as a target for their anger. The US Government has been complicit in this deception for years, as our Mideast policy has been run by those in thrall to Big Oil. Our BFF in the ME, as current jargon goes, has always been Saudi Arabia/OPEC/Shah’s Iran. Israeli’s know this but have to play along with the myth.

    AIPAC/ADL and their crew have been co-opted by wealthy people, who follow their self interest, but delude themselves into believing that it’s really their love for Israel that motivates their harmful twitterings. It is also too difficult to personally accept that they are merely “errand boys” for the Oil Cartel and playing out a script that was designed for them.

    I’m sorry for this rant, maybe I should have gotten more sleep last night. It’s just that I’m so tired of this public discussion of Islam and the ME that substitutes demonology, for discourse. Meanwhile people in the US & ME are dying horribly, awash in fear, living miserably and sacrificing their children in the cause of some greedy egotists who love their luxuries.


  3. MichaelSpindell:

    As usual, your words are full of truth and are doomed to fall on deaf ears. It’s like the adult arguing with the child about matters too complex for the state of development. All you can hope for is that somehow it gets through later. What’s that line about casting pearls before swine?

  4. Martha,

    Firstly, the Netherlands made that decision in total and complete compliance with current UN resolutions. There is some evidence to support the theory that they enacted the resolution to show how the UN’s mandates were too flawed and monolithic to be useful.


    Michael has the gist of it; Islam – nor any Church – isn’t monolithic and singular of thought on most issues, or at least its adherents aren’t. There’s also a sad conflation of ethnic (Arabic) concerns and religious (Islamic) concerns on the world stage. This clouds the issue since one could just as easily claim that Arabia was at war with America.

  5. Martha,

    Have you ever read the Koran, or even just talked to a single Muslim about what they believe? I haven’t and that’s why I don’t go around claiming what Muslim’s believe.

  6. Martha,
    Islam is not monolithic, even in an intra-sect sense. i.e. All Sunnis are not in agreement with all other Sunnis. That there are some members of Islam who want to convert the world is incontrovertible. However, the notion of Islam being at war with the West is an absurd fantasy, put forth by neo-cons, like Cheney, Rumsfeld, McCain, Lieberman and Wolfowitz, in order to justify their own world conquering fantasies. By the way I’m a strong supporter of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, so please don’t confuse me with some “la-di-dah the world is beautiful se no evil type.” It’s just that the facts of an Islamic war on the West don’t add up. The neo-cons, having lost communism as a bogeyman to justify the Military/Industrial Complex have simply dreamed up a new bogeyman. What is so ironic about their choice is how closely tied all of them are to Saudi Arabia and Big Oil

  7. Netherlands bans Iranian students from nuclear studies

    Jul 4 06:45 PM US/Eastern

    The Netherlands will ban Iranian students from studying nuclear technology, a source of tension between Iran and world powers, at its universities, the government said Friday.

    “It is forbidden… to grant Iranian nationals access to special training or teaching that could contribute to nuclear proliferation activities in Iran and the development of systems for transmitting nuclear arms,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

    Some powers including the United States suspect Iran of seeking to develop a nuclear bomb. Iran insists its nuclear program is aimed at producing energy to serve a growing population.

    Friday’s measure adds to a Dutch decree adopting international sanctions against Iran that were put in place last year.

    It bans Iranians notably from the nuclear reactor in Borssele in the southeastern Netherlands, and from a test reactor at the Delft University of Technology.

    The ministry said the ban does not cover undergraduate studies up to bachelor’s degree level, which are considered not to be specialised, and that it will consider requests for exceptions to be made.

  8. michael:

    You don’t believe America is at war with Islam and neither do I.

    I do believe ISLAM is at war with America and every country that they see as putting man’s law ahead of God’s law.

    Most faiths, including Christianity, believe that we should have no other Gods other than God.

    Islam additionally believes we should have no law but God’s law.

  9. jonolan
    As a Jew I have a problem when a country like Great Britain, or the US
    allows Rabbinic Law or Shari’a Law to be used to settle disputes. In Judaism as in Islam there exists no central authority that is agreed on all points and interpretation of the governing law. Both these religions lack a central authority in that there are innumerable sects each claiming “official” religious authority. There is no Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury in either Islam or Judaism. The fact of these two Christian positions further illustrates the difficulty of utilizing religious principle for secular law. Who would the ultimate Christian Authority be? I’m sure the LDS Prophet, the Head of the Church of Scientology, etc., would demand their due and right to venue.

    martha h
    I don’t believe in the propaganda that America is at war with Islam, nor in possibility of Islam taking over the world. It is yet another Bogey Man used by those in power to maintain control by making us fear. There are forces in the Islamic world that want to harm America
    but religion is only the front that covers their ego’s and greed for power. I frankly don’t give a damn about what religion the President of the US believes in. I’m far more interested in what he/she wants to accomplish and the methods they will use.

  10. Lord Philips’ stance on limited Shari’a courts in the UK is problematic. On one hand the bulk of the UK’s citizens have concerns about such courts. On the other hand Rabbinic courts in the UK have been granted this right for years.

  11. June 20, 2008

    Obama seen as a Muslim overseas
    Thomas Lifson

    The Obama campaign faces a burgeoning problem: the tendency of certain highly-placed Muslims overseas to declare that he is of their faith. The latest to do so is Libya’s Qadhafi, in remarks made marking the anniversary of the U.S. air raid on Libya. MEMRI provides this transcript:

    There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama. All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man. They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency.

    We still hope that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic identity, and in his faith, and that [he will know] that he has rights in America, and that he will change America from evil to good, and that America will establish relations that will serve it well with other peoples, especially the Arabs.

    Americans understand that true religious identity depends on the faith one accepts. But we deceive ourselves if we believe the rest of the world thinks this way.

    The Muslim world sees it differently. A baby born to a Muslim father is a Muslim. One who leaves Islam for another faith is an apostate. It’s scriptural.

    Facts are stubborn things.

    The fact that many in the Muslim world would see a hypothetical President Obama as one of them, or possibly as an apostate, has to affect his ability to be effective. Maybe it would be an advantage, but who knows? It is hard for Westerner to imagine all the complexities this situation would create if Barack Obama occupies the Oval office.

    This subject is a legitimate topic of discussion for the presidential campaign. How does the biographical fact of a Muslim father (and step-father) influence the candidate’s ability to be effective as president? I would like to hear many Muslim voices on this question, as well as Senator Obama’s views on the varying concept of religion, and what he might say to a Muslin religious authroity, if he ever discusses the question of his faith. Perhaps that might happen when he has his promised meeting with Muslim states at the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

    The campaign has so far been rather effective at suppressing discussion of any of the complexities of Barack Obama’s connection to the faith of his father. To even broach the subject is to be branded a smear artist, to have “emails” invoked as cyber boogeymen, and to be an “Islamophobe.”

    Obama has been celebrated as a man who repair America’s image overseas. But images are tricky things, and managing them overseas may be impossible.


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