Culture Shock: Father Allegedly Kills Daughter Who Complained About Arranged Marriage

In Jonesboro, Georgia, Chaudry Rashad has been arrested for allegedly kiled his 25-year-old daughter, Sandela Kanwal, after she said that she was unhappy with an arranged marriage. Sandela had had no contact with her arranged husband in Chicago for three months.

The family is from Pakistan and police have reported difficulties in the investigation of the crime.

These honor killings are becoming a constant problem for Western countries as well as areas in Iraq and Afghanistan, click here and here. Her mother was awakened by screaming and fled the house to call police. They later found Rashad in his car and his daughter upstairs dead from either blows with an iron or strangulation or both (both an iron and cord were found near the body). This is what passes for honor in the twisted world of some religious fanatics.

In August, I will be moderating a panel at the ABA annual meeting in New York on cultural crimes of this kind and how the legal system struggles to deal with them, click here and here.

For the full story, click here and here and here.

2 thoughts on “Culture Shock: Father Allegedly Kills Daughter Who Complained About Arranged Marriage”

  1. HEY! You do NOT have the right to claim that Islam condemns women in all its forms. Just because a family that happened to be Muslim killed its daughter does not mean that Islam caused it. In fact, most forms of Islam PREVENT honor killing. Obviously, if I supported this cursed honor killing, I would not be here to defend my religion. There are many forms of Islam that commit horrible crimes. But that is NOT all of them. Condemning women does not root from religion. In fact, before Islam, the Arabs were burying newborn girls alive because they did not desire daughters. Islam stopped that. The golden age of Islam has long gone, however, and it is hard to find a true Muslim. But still, Muslims with with hearts still exist out there.
    You have been affected by the media which gives you an image of Muslims as terrorists and anti-feminine. It is time to change.

  2. Far be it from me to point out the obvious. But nearly everything regarding hatred of women can be traced back to religion. All religions around the world.

    It is part and parcel of the religious culture. And as long as religion exists it will remain the same. Religion is responsible for more death, more hatred then anything you can name. Find me a war, anywhere and you can trace the roots back to some religion.

    Women have been traditionally the booty from war. Look at the three major religions. In the bible itself there are more then 200 verses condeming women. In the Catholic church disrespect was taught in semanaries. Until fairly recently in the 20th century, they were teaching about the size of the stick women should be beaten with. It gave the width and length.

    Chastizing women in every religion dominated by men is common practice. And you do not have to be a raving feminist to point it out. This hatred of women is universal. And this man who killed his daughter for disobedience is common practice in Islam in all it’s forms.


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