Coping a Plea in the Holy See: Vatican Court Tries Cases From Fake Priest to Drug Possession

An interesting little article has revealed that the Vatican has been using its sovereign status to conduct actual trials, including one of a fake priest trying to hear confessions in the Vatican and a drug case. Who knows a television executives might soon discover “Vatican Court” and the new reality based program.

Judge Gianluigi Marrone recently noted that his tribunal has tried a man for pretending to be a priest and hearing confession – though he did not supply information on the sentence. Last year, the tribunal gave a four-month suspended sentence to a former employee in a drug case.

Coping a plea in the Vatican court would be daunting. The terms for restitution could be pretty stiff. As the place that invented the role of the Devil’s Advocate, it can’t be all bad.

For the full story, click here.

4 thoughts on “Coping a Plea in the Holy See: Vatican Court Tries Cases From Fake Priest to Drug Possession”

  1. Jill,
    You probably are right. The guy who got probation for the drug possession was George! The Vatican swept it under the rug to keep it out of the headlines. Alberto Gonzales must have been there to help him!

  2. Bunch of Papal Bull.

    Popemobile. Bullet proof glass…who would have thunk it.

  3. Prof. Turley,
    I knew the Catholic Church had its Canon Law courts, but this is the first I have seen of a civil court under Vatican rule. Kind of scary that the Pope can lock somebody up for poossessing drugs. I wonder if they lock him up in the Catacombs or do they just ship the prisoner straight to Hell? And if the offense is minor,he may only get sentenced to Purgatory.

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