Outfitting the Axis of Evil: Exports to Iran Increase 10 Fold Under Bush

It appears that Iran will never have our freedom, but it can buy our bull semen at a gross discount. A recent study has shown that exports to the third leg of the axis of Evil has increased 10 fold under Bush from bras to cosmetics to cigarettes to bull semen.

America sent more cigarettes to Iran, at least $158 million worth under Bush, than any other products. The states with the greatest trading ties are California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.

This includes $148,000 worth of military weapons.

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4 thoughts on “Outfitting the Axis of Evil: Exports to Iran Increase 10 Fold Under Bush”

  1. Ah the personal attack where would we be without it.

    Jamie: How come you’re doing this, then?
    Josey Wales: Because I ain’t got nothin’ better to do.

  2. Hi RafFLOW,

    I see russ is the new martha! I loved your comment on profit!



  3. rafflow,

    Did you bother to do even a bit of research before you posted your inane comment?

    The “increase” is food and commodities. Before you let your left wing temper ruin your days, check a story out that gets posted here. Odds are it is totally misleading.

    Exports to Iran rose during Bush years, but what were they?

    Georgia leads states in value of items shipped — $201 million

    Associated Press

    Published on: 07/09/08

    WASHINGTON — There are plenty of items on Iran’s shopping list that the United States has been more than happy to supply: cigarettes, brassieres, bull semen and more.

    Other surprising shipments to Iran during the Bush administration include fur clothing, sculptures, perfume, & musical instruments.

    The United States sent Iran $546 million in goods from 2001 through last year, government figures show. It exported roughly $146 million worth last year, compared with $8.3 million in 2001, Bush’s first year in office.

    Despite sanctions, U.S. rules allow sales of agricultural commodities, medicine and a few other categories of goods to Iran. The exemptions are designed to help Iranian families even as the United States pressures Iran’s leaders.

    “I understand that these exports have increased. However, we believe that they are increasing to a segment of the population that we want to reach out to, we want to know and understand that the U.S. government, the U.S. people want to be friends with them,” Gonzalo Gallegos, a State Department spokesman, said Tuesday.

    The fact that the United States sells anything to Iran is news to some.

    “Until you just told me that about Iran, I’m not sure I knew we did any business with Iran,” said Fred Wetherington, chairman of Georgia’s tobacco commission. “I thought because of the situation between our two governments, I didn’t think we traded with them at all, so I certainly didn’t know they were getting any cigarettes.”

    Cigarettes, in fact, represented $154 million of Georgia’s nation-leading $201 million in goods exported to Iran during Bush’s time in office. Shipments peaked in 2006, apparently from a Brown & Williamson factory in Macon.

    The plant has since closed and tobacco shipments to Iran have fallen dramatically. British American Tobacco, which owned Brown & Williamson, said it now makes cigarettes for export to Iran in Turkey. It declined to say how much tobacco the company previously shipped from the U.S. to Iran, but said the U.S. government approved the shipments.

  4. Another example of the true underpinnings of the Bush Regime. Everything is about business. Reminds me of the movie “The Godfather”. George W. is just the head of a new kind of “Family business”. And it is the only one that he has turned a profit on yet.

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