California Police Shoot and Kill Woman Approaching Them With Crochet Hook

A Salinas, California woman was killed by Salinas police early Sunday morning when she threatened officers with a metal crochet hook. Her family says that Maria Irma De La Torre, 45, was disabled and suffered from seizures.

The officers said that they found De La Torre stabbing herself in the neck and had trouble getting her to leave the vehicle. When she emerged, the officers thought that she had a knife and one shot her with a taser and one with a gun in the torso.

What is unclear is why the taser was not sufficient with a small woman approaching two officers. Her family has retained counsel and this is likely to go to court.

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10 thoughts on “California Police Shoot and Kill Woman Approaching Them With Crochet Hook”

  1. We should remember that the EPA, by some esoteric metric, has devalued the worth of a human being, so don’t point a sharp pencil at a policeman!

  2. rafflaw,

    If you have the netWORTH anyone can be in the Sea Org! Just look at the picture of the cap’n if you doubt me!

  3. Jericho:

    “I’m guessing [that] the correct title was…” People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw around relative clauses.

  4. I’m guessing the correct title was “California police shoot and kill…” the grammar just seems off.

    “officers thought that she HAD a knife”

    “this is likely TO go to court”

    No typo left behind.

  5. Those are the worst rafflaw! And I don’t believe it either.

    P.S. The .45 cal is discussed at length in the Gnostic gospel of Rifle. The nuns didn’t want you to know. Only members of the Sea Org may read this gospel.


  6. I heard it was a .45 caliber crochet needle. I can’t believe that the taser wasn’t enough to subdue this woman. I can’t believe that these officers couldn’t have “restrained” her without using the taser or the gun. Is there any video?

  7. Oh haven’t you heard?

    The police since 911 have become our “heroes”.

    This isn’t the first time our “brave boys in blue” have managed to subdue a dangerous geriatric.

    Remember the 70 some year old man the big brave heroes tasered at an airport recently, causing him to suffer a heart attack?

    They’re heroes I tell you, heroes.

    We should all worship their courage and bravery, in the face of criminals infected with the rage of Alzheimers.

  8. Hey, don’t you liberals watch Get Smart? That crochet hook could have shot deadly poison darts or been some kind of DARPA sound death weapon! Will you people never learn?

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