Russian Rave: Party Organizers Blind Dozens with Lasers

In Moscow, dozens of audience members received retinal burns from a laser light show — some experiencing 80 blindness in affected eyes. It is an astonishing act of negligence in a country with an extremely rudimentary torts system.

The rave party occurred on July 5th as part of the Aquamarine Open Air Festival in Kirzhach, 50 miles northeast of Moscow.

The accident appeared to be the result of tents constructed do to rain. Rather than being sent into the night, some lasers reflected off of the tents. Some are not expected to regain their original eyesight.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Rave: Party Organizers Blind Dozens with Lasers”

  1. Just two small typos: “with a an extremely” – lose the “a”. “do to rain” – “due to rain”, right? I love this website but I’m starting to think all the posts are done by George Bush. Get the act together please, I’m more than willing to check the spelling of all posts for you, say, € 100 per typo?

  2. I think the Russians used the organizational manual from that French Commando squad. Sacrebleu (light) indeed!

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