Florida Judge Finds Police Entrapped 94-Year-Old Man With Dementia in Prostitution Sting

A very disturbing case has emerged from Florida where police entrapped Frank Milio, a 94-year-old man suffering from dementia. What is remarkable is that prosecutors did not drop these charges. It took a judge to throw them out — allowing Milio to move into an assisted care facility. He is not the only geriatric scooped up by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, which seems to developing a reputation for entrapping the elderly. Frank Underhill, 93 (pictured here), was arrested in the same operation.

Milio is accused of honkintg his horn on a street and then speaking with an undercover agent. The agent asked Milio “Do you want to party tonight?” the woman asked Milio, who replied that he wanted to think about it for another 15 to 20 minutes. The officer then asked about money, to which Milio responded with “Huh?” The officer said that Milio eventually offered to pay for oral sex.

The police soon learned that he was almost 94 and suffered from dementia. They charged him anyway.

Manatee County Judge George K. Brown Jr. tossed out the charge after the prosecutors failed to exercise a modicum of sense and judgment. Prosecutor Jared M. Monahan insisted that he deserved to be punished and fought to bag the old guy.

It appears that Monahan and the sheriff are developing quite a record of protecting society from the frisky geriatrics. After arresting Milio, they nailed a 93-year-old man, Frank Underhill, who promised to return hours later with $30. They arrested him before he left the scene despite the fact that there was no proof that he actually intended to return. They have since dropped the charges. For that story, click here.

Is there is no serious crime for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office and the prosecutors to occupy themselves? When you are prosecuting 94-year-old with dementia, you must have a load of time on your hands.

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3 thoughts on “Florida Judge Finds Police Entrapped 94-Year-Old Man With Dementia in Prostitution Sting”

  1. Probably aiming a 66 Imperial with a silver, nymph hood ornament, NRA window sticker, mobility scooter on a hitch lift, sporting Ray Charles sunglasses. Nope, no clue there.

  2. Why are so many of these ridiculous issues being brought up in Florida? Has the religious right taken control of the local justice system? Thank goodness the judge had the good sense to throw this case out. Can the prosecutor be brought up on charges in this situation? He obviously wne beyond reasonableness and it sounds like it was an entrapment and not a legal “bust”. Remind me not to move to Florida.

  3. 94? 93? Were I these “sting victims” I would wear my summons as a badge of honor around the assisted living facility proudly proclaiming my capacity to perform the elements of the “crime.”

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