Georgia Police Officer Arrested for Kidnapping and Rape

A Cobb County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and accused of rape, officials said Tuesday. The deputy was fired after the sheriff learned of his arrest.
Officers in Cobb County were eager to track down the man who took a woman at gun point from a bar and then handcuffed and raped her. It allegedly turned out, however, to be another officer: 37-year-old Jason Anthony Bill.

As one might imagine, the sheriff has terminated Jason Bill’s employment with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office.

In such cases, incarceration can be a very high risk for a former police officer. Most steps will take steps to put the individual in special units or to conceal his former profession from other inmates.

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One thought on “Georgia Police Officer Arrested for Kidnapping and Rape”

  1. I agree that it would be safer for the officer, if found guilty, to be placed in a safe prison location. However, I hope that Georgia officials and Georgia law are as significant for this crime as they are when teenagers have sex.

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