Ken’s Been a Bad Boy: Christian Group Protests “S & M Barbie”

Christian Voice, a group of religious activists with apparently a great deal of time on their hands, has launched a protest against a new outfit of Barbie called Black Canary Barbie. They insist it looks like a dress up for S & M play and is complete “filth” that must be stopped to protect our children — and presumably any impressionable other dolls like the Shrek children dolls.

The outfit actually has no whips or saddles. It does have fishnet stockings, a motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots. It is based, according to Mattel, on a DC comic superhero. However, Christian Voice has proclaimed in “Filth” and noted that “Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far.”

Amen, brother. Well, there is always GI Joe. I hear he has a new flame thrower accessory that is all the age.

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13 thoughts on “Ken’s Been a Bad Boy: Christian Group Protests “S & M Barbie””

  1. Christian Voice has proclaimed in “Filth” and noted that “Barbie has always been on the tarty side

    “Tarty” side?

    She doesn’t even have a vagina.


    Or nipples.

  2. Not to be a spoil-sport, but this whole post is based on an article in the Sun, who are not known for particularly flawless journalistic standards. I notice that Christian Voice on their own web site have nothing (that I can find) on Barbie, and all of the first several Google hits I got looking for the story cite the Sun as the source.

    The Sun’s “Makers Mattel say Black Canary Barbie [] is based on a DC comic superhero of the same name. But religious group Christian Voice said…” is the typical “fair and balanced” construct that we see in the Murdock-run press all the time. “New Controversy! These guys say X, but these other guys say Y.” Even when X is a fact or a scientific theory that was peer-reviewed, or whatever. You have to have two people with conflicting claims in every story. It proves how fair and balanced you are.

    Given that Black Canary Barbie is dressed in a very slight variant of the costume that the Black Canary comic book character has worn since WWII, I think it is safe to say that the doll is in fact based on the character of the same name that’s been around for 6 and a half decades.

    Copying their construct “It is based, according to Mattel, on a DC comic superhero.” and then ridiculing an organization for what the Sun says they say about it, is I don’t know, a little to Murdockesque for my tastes.

    Just my 2 bits worth.

  3. rafflaw
    1, July 17, 2008 at 9:10 am
    Where are these so-called Christian organizations coming from? These guys are probably part of Bush’s faith based charities that are tax dollars are supporting

    Amen… to speak.

    In fact, the amazing thing about these so called “Christian” organizations is that what they’re doing, that is, nitpicking at others over piddly things, makes them anything but Christian.

    And as you said they’re probably drawing funds from Bush’s illegal “Faith Based Initiatives” program, which effectively establishes an office of the US Government to regulate religious belief systems.

    Now if someone could just explain to me why Obama declared he would not only extend this nightmare program, but “expand” it, I’d really appreciate it. Because thats another one of his recent decisions that has left me saying “huhhhh?”.

  4. Jill,

    Yep! Jezebel reader here too. Off topic a little, but the view flap today…just wish Woopie had read the story in AlterNet about the Ohio town that has denied blacks city water for decades. Offered some lame excuse about they didn’t ask for it in the right way.

  5. I think the question no-ones willing to ask is: How do they know what S&M get-up looks like?

    Personally I don’t really care about what other people do for their kicks as long as everyone involved wants to be kicked.

  6. Anybody who has played with Barbie knows that the S&M Barbie would be a bad idea. Who has the tiny fingers to strap the red ball in Ken’s mouth? And the fake leather, ass-less chaps would be impossible to get over their rubberized legs. I can’t even trap a shoe on the regular Barbie for my daughter without some obscenity escaping due to frustration…..

  7. O.K. whooliebacon. Here’s the picture of regent barbie and you do win!

  8. Oops, that “wink” emoticon was a goof. There’s nothing amusing about this group.

  9. “Christian Voice” is another of those faith-based groups that only seems to know how to make mountains out of molehills. What scares me are the groups like “Battle Cry” (featured on CNN’s program “GOD’S WARRIORS”) who prefer volcanoes.

  10. GI Joe exemplifies buff christian killers spreading the message of redemption to the world.

    There is a really interesting book on what the author calls, “murketing”. It’s a deep look at not just the commercial world, but church world and political world (and their complete overlap).

    This book is called: Buying In, The Secrect Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are by Rob Walker of the NYTimes magazine.

    It clearly lays out a level of manipulation unseen before the time that humans had functional MRIs and corporate/political “anthropologists” to see into our brains and devle into our deepest hopes, fears and desires. It expalins the barbie, current political campaigns and mega churches.

  11. Where are these so-called Christian organizations coming from? These guys are probably part of Bush’s faith based charities that are tax dollars are supporting. Prof. Turley hit it on the head when he said they have too much time on their hands. I just can’t remember the good Nuns telling me that Jesus was worried about the toys kids are playing with.

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