Lovin’ It or Leavin’ It: Christian Group Boycotts McDonald’s for Supporting Gay Chamber of Commerce

Ever wonder what the McDonald’s slogan “I’m Lovin’ It” means? The American Family Association thinks it knows: Gays. Not just gays, but gay business people. Well, not just gay business people — that cabal of gay spreading, bottom lining executives known as the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Because McDonald’s made a small corporate donation to the chamber of commerce, the good (and straight) people of the American Family Association has organized a national boycott.

In Oak Brook, Illinois, the Christian group say signed up 200,000 like minded religious culinary activists.

McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman says that the contribution was given because a McDonald’s executive serves on the chamber’s board. He insists that doesn’t mean that McDonald’s supports “a particular lifestyle or same-sex marriage.”

Likely story. Just take a look at some of the McDonald’s characters. Grown men in fancy dress, including a man who stays dressed as a clown and hangs around school yards. Hamburglar, who remains in a mask with tights and a character names “Birdie.” Remember the McNugget Buddies? Obviously a play to the godless gay and lesbian culture. God only knows what Grimace is even supposed to be.

If you are ready to Super size Jesus and say no to the Happy Meal from Hell, the AFA website is ready to take your name. You can find the Internet boycott petition here on their website — just look above the link “Newt Gingrich offers common sense solution to energy crisis.”

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13 thoughts on “Lovin’ It or Leavin’ It: Christian Group Boycotts McDonald’s for Supporting Gay Chamber of Commerce”

  1. I would rather live in a city full of homos than one with 10% fanatical whackjobs like those in the AFA.

  2. If the American Family Association doesn’t like Mcdonalds then they’re gonna hate Burger King.


    Where… you know…the customers get to “have it THEIR way”..

  3. This is just a cry for attention (and donations) by the group. Does anybody remember the church in Seattle that boycotted Microsoft? I played a couple of gigs there (luckily it was the kind of gig where I could discretely sneak out during the sermons), one a few months before the boycott one shortly after. The attendance had nearly doubled and there was a brand new sound system the second time I played there.

  4. Just when you thought the whole “SpongeBob Squarepants” issue was over, the “religious right” (in THEIR minds only) comes up with an equally idiotic notion to replace it. And no one does idiocy better than the AFA. Well, strike that; maybe AFA has a few competitors in that division, like the “Rev.” Hagee, for example.

  5. In their video on gay marriage, The Red State Update guys say something to this effect. If your son sees two balding queens getting married and turns gay, he’s already gay.

    Likewise many children are “turned” by charity gifts to The Chamber of Commerce. This company is a disgrace. Could I get 200,000 signatures from these same people for a living wage and health care at McGaynolds?

  6. I want to know what name Dundar uses on the AFA site. Here I try to stay away from McDonald’s unhealthy food and they go and do a downright nice thing and contribute to this organization that might actually be creating jobs. The AFA and this Rev. Wildmon can’t compete with Ronald McDonald.

  7. JT:
    I guess “Happy Meals” will soon be called “Happy & Gay Meals.” I say we continue the boycott against prejudice and ignorance which would just about cover such whacko groups as the AFA and the Reverend Donald Wildmon (Who would Jesus hate himself). 200,000 signatures? They don’t have that many members who can write!

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