Sooner v. Satan: Oklahoma Commissioner Reduces Campaign to a Homophobic Comic

Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart is facing a tough election, so he has taken a page out of one of the oldest books of politics: he has demonized his opponents as “liberal good ol’ boys,” gays and tools of Satan. In this case, however, the book is a juvenile comic book that Rinehart has written and illustrated. He intends to send the comic book to voters depicting his opponents as Satan-following, Gay-loving liberals terrified of . . . you guessed it . . . Brent Rinehart.

It seems like a whole week since the last outrageous act by an Oklahoma legislator, click here and here.

He uses crudely drawn characters to attack his critics, including state Attorney General Drew Edmondson, who filed felony campaign finance charges against Rinehart last year. When Rinehart is not gay-bashing and Satan-hunting, he allegedly occupies himself with schemes to evade state and federal law. He is accused with his former campaign manager of illegally funded the 2004 campaign for county commissioner. Not surprisingly, he also demonizes Sheriff John Whetsel. He may soon have to pursue the IRS, which is trying to hold him in contempt, here.

The 16-page comic book raises some very serious questions of Rinehart’s sanity — not to mention his artistic abilities. Satan, it appears, has taken time away from his campaign of global sin to win the one battle that will deliver the world to his vision of a godless, gay-dominated society: the election of the next Oklahoma County Commissioner. It also turns out the Satan views Rinehart as his greatest challenge since he faces the Archangel Michael fought Satan in Revelation 12, 1-9.

Rinehart appears to believe that the typical Oklahoman requires his or her political information delivered on the level of the Sunday comics. He insists that “It makes it interesting and something that people will actually look at and understand.”

In one illustrative scene, Satan proclaims, in a satanically incomplete sentence, “If I can get the kids to believe homosexuality is normal!”

The angel replies: “Hey Satan, not with Brent around you won’t!”

It could be an election of biblical proportions. Indeed, this could require a new chapter after Revelations entitled “Oklahoma: The Final Battle.”

Here is the comic book: comic

For the full story, click here and here.

5 thoughts on “Sooner v. Satan: Oklahoma Commissioner Reduces Campaign to a Homophobic Comic”

  1. Rinehart spells out the long words, like “pedophile,” phonetically, so his constituents can sound them out. Using “ph” for “f” is gay.

  2. I want to share some vital news unrelated to the above topic. This news has completely shattered my faith in humanity. I just learned that you may have a Thomas Kincade (painter of light) put on your coffin lid. That is just criminal! This can exacerbate anyone’s emotional distress at this difficult time. If you’re going to wake up dead and see that on your coffin….Sweet Zombie Jesus…Is there no decency left in this world or the next?

  3. There’s a bright fallen star on the meadow.***************************
    The cornyness is high as an elephants eye.****************************
    And it look like it’s raining apocalypse from the sky!****************

    Oh what a beautiful morning!******************************************
    Satan, Brent Rinehart is coming your way.*****************************

    “When Rinehart is not gay-bashing and Satan-hunting, he allegedly occupies himself with schemes to evade state and federal law.”

    I’ve seen his personal ad in, ZOG LIFE TODAY.

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