The Simpson Effect: Doctor Accused of Conspiring to Commit Perjury in ’93 Death of Girlfriend

A truly strange case in Boston has now gotten even stranger. Dr. Timothy Stryker, 56, was accused of involvement in the death of his longtime girlfriend, Dr. Lynn Goudey. The 42 year-old doctor’s body was found in her locked Saab at New England Memorial Hospital. In 2006, Stryker was ordered to pay $7 million after a jury found him responsible for the wrongful death. Then, before payment, a witness suddenly came forward to claim to have seen Goudey in her car. The witness Craig Pizzano, was 18 in 1993 and claimed that, after hearing about the O.J. Simpson book, he wanted to clear an innocent man. Now, both Pizzano and Stryker are charged with perjury and subornation of perjury.

The motive for perjury is clear. The $7 million verdict is now $15 million with interest. Stryker used the statement to demand a new trial.

This is not the new trial that he was hoping for. The trial will also feature one of his patients, Richard Chambers, 44, who allegedly told Pizzano to fabricate the story.

Stryker was indicted on one count of conspiracy to commit subornation of perjury, seven counts of subornation of perjury, one count of willfully misleading a police officer and three counts of conveying something of value to a witness.

Of course, any trial might clear up one open question: why any book by OJ Simpson would raise a concern about clearing an innocent man in Pizzano’s mind.

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  1. Holy cow!(too many batmand stories today) This is one strange and involved attempt to get out of the judgement. I bet Pizzano will be singing like a bird soon as a witness for the State.

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