Oklahoma Couple Arrested in Massive Bestiality Case

Oklahoma City may have the largest bestiality case in history — and without question the most disgusting. Diane Sue Whalen 54, and Donald Roy Seigfried, 55, are accused of training their dogs to have sex with Whalen and other women. Whalen was apparently busted by her own son who found 150 tapes of her performing sex acts with the dogs — including a mixed breed and labrador Lucky and Buddy and a blue heeler named Merlin owned by Seigfried. Seigfried allegedly filmed the events.

Whalen and Seigfried are charged with crimes against nature.

Remarkably, Seigfried is trying to get his dog back. The dogs have been accepted in a no-kill pet sanctuary. Click here.

The use of this type of law in an animal-human crime remains rare. It is punishable by 10 years in prison:

§21-886 Crime Against Nature-Penalty

Every person who is guilty of the detestable and abominable crime against nature, committed with mankind or with a beast, is punishable by imprisonment in the penitentiary not exceeding ten (10) years.

§21-887 Crime against nature, what penetration necessary.

Any sexual penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the crime against nature.

What is interesting is that the Oklahoma law’s history indicates that it was primarily designed to criminalize homosexuality rather than bestiality. Click here. In the wake of Lawrence v. Texas, it appears to be reverting back to a true bestiality focus.

For the full story, click here.

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  1. First off, ok, enough dumb jokes. Yes, we get the bone bitch and other jokes. Those dogs are going to be put down eventually over this, yeah its fkd up but, isn’t killing the animal worse? I’ve worked at a “no kill” kennel, these dogs were listed as aggressive the minute they got there and they will be put down eventually. I think that is the true crime and the responsibility lies on the owners for knowing full well that would happen.

  2. But I respect this site for allowing comments.

    Unlike alot of news companies.

  3. I just love the fundamentalist christians/jew-religion worshippers/mormons browsing on things like these just to comment about ‘repentence’ and ‘love’ and ‘Jesus’ (Real name: Horus)

    It’s like they get a sexual satisfaction from googling ‘bestiality cases’, ‘child rape/love’ (Which is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable! She’s not mature for goodness sake!), ‘atheists’, ‘muslims’ etc

    I’m seriously tired of this kind of crap. This is why Christians are persecuted. Because of this attitude. Do you see a Catholic going over and saying ‘Repent! In KJV John 14:21 “And so thy lord cast his wickedness on the unjust, until thoth accepted his ruling is absolute.’

    Seriously. Go back to fairytale worshipping a cross, statue, glass, or whatever dumb jewish-originating religious crap you find.

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    Wait. What’s that sound? Oh yes. The sound of disbelief. When you bring perfectly rational information to the table, they get defenceless, tail between their legs, in disarray. Then they try to think of something in the bible, because they are so scared, and then they restore their confidence.

    They’ll say “KJV Luke 15:12 ‘Those who don’t believe in God are fools'”

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    Go back to bed, you conservative, right-winged clowns.

  4. Well my dog has never complained, in fact he ASKS if its been more than about a week…. (mind you, like me he doesnt read the Bible.)

  5. You are going to get a big NO from me warmonger seeking blood being to God abominable. KJV, Pro; 6;16 I came to bring sinners to repentance. You just called yourself a swine.. Do you realize that? You need Jesus in you to set yourself free. When you do that you can set others free. The multitude needs for their souls sake to be like Jesus is not being like his enemies.

  6. Hey, Jonathan Hughes! Shut the f**k up will you? Who the hell needs you trying to convert the multitudes. You blather on and on. You are boring! Become a minister and spout off every Sunday to those who think like you do or continue on and cast your pearls before swine. Most of us don’t CARE what you think so why don’t you and your pal Jesus take a hike? Thanks!!!

    1. You are going to get a big NO from me warmonger seeking blood being to God abominable. KJV, Pro; 6;16 I came to bring sinners to repentance. You just called yourself a swine.. Do you realize that? You need Jesus in you to set yourself free you can set others free. The multitude needs for their souls sake to be like Jesus is not being like his enemies.

  7. PETA would be happy–they believe humans and dogs are equally valuable, i.e., you are a specieist (sic) if you believe humans are worth more than dogs/

    1. IF PETA thinks people are equal to dogs don’t go to them for they will try to get your sexual organs. People need the Lord in them. People with the Lord in them will not destroy what the lord created to make life.

  8. nathan, You are godly obeying: what Gods word says. 1 Thessalonians 4:11 > And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you.
    You do not seek a vain things not seeking strife. My Lord is in you saving your soul for things greater than can be imagined in this life.
    King James Version. Philippians 2 >. 3Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. You are on the narrow road of peace.

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  9. Wow there seems to be a bunch of people who like to have sex with animals posting on here. To those folks, see a therapist really! You have a mental disorder and likely suffer from severe social issues. An animal can never give you emotional love like someone of your own species and yes syphilis and other STD’s were spread from bestiality. America (and much of the world) has become a depraved and sex addicted culture. Raping Children, Animals, Inanimate Objects and the Dead. Its so unnecessary and disturbing. Those copulations cheapen the sacredness of what it should be. A meeting of love and passion to bring 2 forms into one. A dog will sex anything if its aroused, likely this woman aroused them, which certainly is forcing them and then put them in her. While her “husband” filmed the act over 100 times, and with various desperate women. FOR MONEY! Disrespecting any living creature by any means is wrong. Where have all the morals and ethics gone? We should not be keeping them in cruel cages, abusing them or having sex with them. Not to humans, not to animals, not to anything. Even if the law doesn’t get you, one day your soul will have to confront what you have done here when you are living. I just hope the people can learn their lessons before they leave their fate and the earth in ruins.

  10. Sue ,…you have a meek unassuming soul. Your body has sin in it sinning falling short of the kingdom of God, but your soul has life in it unto everlasting life no matter what anyone says.

    Killing to God is abominable. Pro; 6;16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, Sue is right about What people did unblinking to millions of babies as being a bad thing.. A dog can please a woman or a man to another creature. A male human can follow after the dog or vice versa. No one should condemn them. Having the freedom to do it in the open in the sunlight not worrying about who sees you is a great turn on, and a great relaxer at the same time.

  11. 30 years ago, the thought of homosexuals being on tv as a main stream way of life would have been considered worst than this. It would have been just as digusting. 30 years from now, women will marry dogs and no one will lift an eyebrow. 40 years ago, to kill a baby in a mothers womb would have been an abomination. is screwing a dog worst than butchering an innocent unborn child, cutting them into pieces before taking the body partts out of the mothers wombs? Oh this is horrible, but human horrors are all around you and you do nothing. struck numb by tv morality. God is going to have to destroy america or apoligize to Sodom and Gomora. God knows our thoughts and we’re all as bad as this horrible woman in our hearts. We love sin in this country and our business men, bankers and politicians are more corrupt than any woman screwing a dog. Quit being such pretenders that you’re shocked. May God forgive us all, stariing with me. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Not one of us are pure.

    1. People that lift the eyebrow are not minding their own business. They are also doing their best to make them out to be worse that they are. Both of them are against biblical principles. Condemning is a third principle broken, and then to that giving evil is a fourth principle broken, And then do bad to your neighbor what you would not want done to you, is a fifth, and then destroy your neighbor with your mouth is a sixth principle. People are walking all over the bible Principe’s against the zoosexual, and a seventh by hating them being a murder in Gods eyes. The human animal wants to find a reason to act like the religions that thought they were crafty bringing about the death of Jesus.

  12. This topic offends love and commitment between 2 human beings. It puts sex under a moral microscope. I agree its a bad spirit. I would feel shame if my daughters or sisters would commit such an act but that’s the law of my own home. The right to choose my company wisely. They were punished the way the law saw fit. There souls are there’s to deal with…. I worry only about my own soul. With that i will no longer entertain or waste anymore energy on this topic.

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