Plain Jane: Judge Orders Name Change for “Talula Does the Hula”

A New Zealand judge, Rob Murfitt, has taken custody from parents of a nine-year-old girl so that he can chose a better name than Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.” It is clear that these parents should be under psychiatric analysis, but there is an interesting question of whether you can lose custody, even briefly, for picking a bad name.

It is not clear what Tulala Does the Hula From Hawaii is, but she previously went by “K.” Judge Murfitt (a name that could also be reexamined, particularly to remove the superfluous t), cited other names that he finds unacceptable, including Fish and Chips, Yeah Detroit, Keenan Got Lucy, Sex Fruit — which were blocked by public officials under a New Zealand law barring offensive names.

It appears that Yeah Detroit is offensive but not Number 16 Bus Shelter and Violence, which were allowed. (I will not ask the significance of the Number 16 Bus Shelter to the arrival of the child).

it is a good thing that the Lear family named Crystal Chanda Lear outside of New Zealand.

I must admit that Tulula Does the Hula Turley has a nice ring to it, but we went with Madeleine instead.

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11 thoughts on “Plain Jane: Judge Orders Name Change for “Talula Does the Hula””

  1. Besides, she’s doing your kids a favor.


    Everytime they hear about her they can say, “hey, least my folks didn’t name me that”

  2. Society has no business whatsoever, telling parents what to name their kids.

    Besides, this girl is like 9 years old. Its obviously some interest phase she’s going through that they are patronizing, and they’d probably change her name anyway in a few years when she gets tired of hula dancing.


    To Persnickety Pill Popper from Peoria… or something or other.

  3. Folks–one would like to think that society has an interest in not encouraging parents to turn their children into sideshow attractions. It’s one thing to don a funny name for yourself as an adult, or as a stage name, another for a child to be manufactured as a freak for the parents’ fun (or business purposes).

  4. Bartlebee,
    I do not think that your Bureau of Names would accept your new name. Way to many “B’s”.

  5. In fact, I’m heading out right now to change my name to, “Bartlebee Does the Bossanova From Beantown”


    We’ll show those New Zealander’s who’s the boss.

  6. That last comment was in general, by the way, given that, thank god, this is a case for the Land of the Lord of the Rings.

  7. By the way, I think “Talula Does the Hula” is kinda catchy.


    And it sounds like she’s got a career waiting in show business thanks to the parents name.

    The beauty of this country, is and always will be, our diversity.

    Why we’re always trying to bury that diversty, and force everyone into our “norm mold”, is beyond me.

  8. Yea, taking a child from the parents because we don’t like the name they gave her… great idea.


    Perhaps we could create a new department under Health and Human Services. We could call it, the “US Bureau of Names”.

    All prospective parents will be required to submit, to the Bureau, in writing, a list of posible names selected for their soon to be newborn child.

    The form must be submitted at least 90 days prior to delivery, in order for the Bureau to process, and return the form with the approved names allowed by the Bureau. Parents who fail to submit the form within the allotted time period will be provided with a temporary ID number for their child, to be used until such time the Bureau can process the parents application and authorize a name or names to be permantly assigned to the child.


    What a wonderful idea.

    “Love American Style”.

  9. I think Madeleine was a much better choice than Talula does the Hula from Hawaii. Anything would have been much better than that name. Should a ridiculous name be grounds for a child to be removed from his/her parents? No, not even in this extreme case. However, is there some sort of “bad name” counseling that we can suggest or require these parents to attend? The good news for Talula is that at least her parents did not name her Dundar.

  10. This is delightful confusion that only leaves me coming away with questions.

    Who are “they” that fear the ‘different’ so much, that it must be stamped out, and impose their will in the naming conventions of others children?

    While the child’s name is by most standards, excessive, its no more the business of State than if one wishes to say the Pledge of Allegiance in their own home, seated while wearing a 10 gallon hat to begin each meal. In fact, I vaguely recall that occurring at an Applebee’s or maybe John Ashcroft told me about it? – I’m not sure.

    Nonetheless – what’s the big deal ??

    Your’s truly,
    ‘Late for Dinner’

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