The Thin Blog Line: Memphis Police Chief Godwin Sues to Learn Identity of Anonymous Bloggers

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin and the city of Memphis appear to have such excess of amounts of money and time that they have decided to pursue Internet bloggers critical of their work. They have filed to try to learn who has been filing critical entries under MPD Enforcer 2.0.

Prior lawsuit have been successful in forcing the disclosure of such information. However, this does not excuse the lawsuit. Godwin clearly wants to punish this critic and chill future criticism of his work. He is using public funds to pursue his white Internet whale.

Lawyers for the bloggers are seeking to block the action, here.

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6 thoughts on “The Thin Blog Line: Memphis Police Chief Godwin Sues to Learn Identity of Anonymous Bloggers”

  1. First of all, I would like to say that I have nothing to do with the blog. I do commend the authors for publishing the truth. Secondly, I have never been a security guard. Third, I had an exemplary career with the MPD. Tens years of positive OBRs and commendations. Please, point your finger elsewhere.

  2. This site, MPD Enforcer, is ran by a disgrunteled ex-MPD patrolman named, Scott Coggins. He was always a problem employee, and never did anything right. Because of his past record at MPD, he can only find work as a security guard at Regions Bank. We all laugh at him, but some of the younger officers who don’t know him, read his site for advise, and screw up their reputations.

  3. Well gee. Someone better explain to this police chief how the “series of tubes” works, because in probably somewhere around 75 percent of the time, he’ll have no way to identify these anonymous bloggers he’s trying to locate (for what purpose one can only imagine).

    After all, the vast majority of bloggers provide false email addresses. IP addresses coming from major ISP’s may only point to the network the blogger came in off of, and no record of machine assignments may be available.

    Then, even with that, theres no way to prove that the IP actually went to that persons computer (without confiscating everyones computers to examine the logs) or even who was operating the computer at the time, if it did.

    So in a nutshell, if this clown is planning on posting these peoples names or something, then its going to be a good day for Tort Cake in Memphis this year. Because he’s going to be identifying lots of people, who maybe had nothing to do with the comments he’s upset about.

    Funny though, I thought Memphis was part of the United States?

    Maybe they sold it to Cuba or something.

  4. This Memphis Police Chief is sounding very much like he missed reading that framed Constitution on the break-room wall.

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