Getting Right with God: Church Shooter Allegedly Targeted Knoxville Church Due to its Liberal Views

Knoxville, Tenn. police has released a statement that a letter in the car of church shooter Jim D. Adkisson reveals that he targeted the congregation due to its liberal views on civil liberties and women’s and gay rights. Adkisson killed two people at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in the middle of a children’s performance.

Chief Sterling Owen IV said Adkisson had a “stated hatred of the liberal movement.” He is now charged with first-degree murder. Among the complaints against the church was its founding of a chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The children were performing “Annie” when Adkisson decided to kill people in the name of the true faith. According to reports, Greg McKendry, a 60-year-old usher and board member at the church, blocked the killer and was his first victim, click here.

It is simply astonishing that even a demented killer would think that God would want him to mow down Christians who are not sufficiently conservative, including children. Some reports indicate that he had problems with Christians in general, click here. It takes a lot of hate to walk into a scene of children performing in a religious sanctuary and turn it into a place of massacre. Of course, as with the Virginia Tech massacre, the story also reveals the best of humanity in those adults who confronted his man at the risk of their own lives. Had he not been restrained by church members, the death toll might have been much greater.

Ironically, the ACLU and these church members would likely be the first to defend Adkisson’s rights as he faces a potential death penalty for his alleged crimes.

For the latest on the story, click here.

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    What do you say, battlebee, isn’t this domestic terrorism

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    I posted numerous comments on the shootings at the Unitarian church.

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  11. I asked you to stick to the topic. Americans have been murdered by an American right-winger. Now, right wingers can no longer claim their hate rhetoric is just a little kiddin’ around. A right wing American has actually picked up a gun and killed other Americans he thought were too liberal.

    What do you say, battlebee, isn’t this domestic terrorism?

    I’m liberal, and I occasionally go to our Unitarian Universalist church. Now I have to think about copy cat killers. In my town, the Universalist church is directly across the street from a major trauma center. Maybe that will come in handy.

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