Make Love Not War: France Deals With a Outburst of Affection at Vimy Memorial

France is dealing with a uniquely French crime wave: people stripping or having sex at the World War I memorial to the Battle of Vimy Ridge. As with a growing number of cases in the United States of crimes caught on YouTube, the latest couple was caught after they posted their liaison on the Internet.

The couple received a suspended sentence and were fined £400 each and ordered to pay a symbolic one euro (80 pence) in damages to Canada. The memorial honored fallen French at the battle in April 1917, click here.

This is just six months after another couple was arrested after posting pictures of their naked romp at the same memorial.

Makes the Iwo Jima memorial seem pretty tame in comparison.

For the full story, click here.

13 thoughts on “Make Love Not War: France Deals With a Outburst of Affection at Vimy Memorial”

  1. Raff,

    The President is a former business man, I bet he just delegates.

  2. You are right Jill. I forgot that George W. doesn’t read. I am sure he gets the audio version of the report.

  3. Jill and Gyges,
    You are both right that many of the blog sites are being watched by Big Brother Bush. Who knows, maybe that is where they got One Million names on the Terrorism watch list!

  4. Gyges,

    You do realize this blog is monitored? Quit giving stuff away! Shut up and go about your business!!!


  5. Jill,

    I’ve always worked under the assumption that he was buried in Greeley CO under Hoffa’s Liquors. I leave the minutes to a union meeting there every year.

  6. So law enforcement has access to the internet? Guess I better take my blog “My Dad is Jimmy Hoffa” down.

  7. Where is the video?? Those French are wild. But, I bet there are some Americans out there ready to take on the challenge of the French. The Iwo Jima Memorial better tighten their security. Or get better cameras to record the fun.

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