Dis-Grace: CNN’s Nancy Grace Loses Critical Motion in Court

It appears that CNN’s Nancy Grace will have to answer for her conduct on her program. CNN and Grace have been sued for the wrongful death of Melinda Duckett, who committed suicide after Grace attacked her on the program — suggesting that she was responsible for her own child’s disappearance. Many in the bar are delighted by the lawsuit against Grace who was repeatedly charged with abuses as a prosecutor and has degraded the profession with her snarling sensationalistic program.

U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges rejected a motion to dismiss the lawsuit this week. Grace attacked Duckett, 21, on a show about the disappearance of her Trenton in August 2006. Grace grilled the woman about not taking a lie detector test and being vague about her whereabouts. Duckett went out and killed herself.

Grace proceeded to proclaim that guilt probably made her do it, not Grace’s virtual guilty conviction levied on national television, click here.

Grace was a disgrace as a prosecutor and, before being given her own show, was repeatedly sanctioned or reprimanded by courts for her abuses in court, click here.

Talk shows are increasingly, and legitimately, cited for negligent conduct, click here. The lawsuit against Grace remains a long shot given causation and foreseeability issues as well as obvious plaintiff’s conduct issues. What is astonishing is that CNN and Courttv continue to air this type of vicious, vigilante entertainment.

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109 thoughts on “Dis-Grace: CNN’s Nancy Grace Loses Critical Motion in Court”

  1. Nancy grace is ridiculous and always has been. She works the puplic into a frenzy and she judges people before they have been even accused at times. We do not need this is our media..and our country is the worse for it!!!


    Really? I guess Strunk & White missed the memo, because on the Internet, ALL CAPS IS WIDELY CONSIDERED SHOUTING.

    And what Michelle From The Land of Cheese said.

    Nancy Grace is a revolting specimen of humanity.

  3. Good work??? Nancy Grace just settled a case for her role in causing the death of a victim and it’s costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars. That, to me, is a crime and not good in any sense of the word. Like Nancy Grace has said so many times before, no one ever would settle any case if they were not guilty of the crime.

  4. Nancy, Thank you so much for being the voice of the children.I
    watch your show everynight.I know a little boy that is not being treated very well at his dads house and the system is failling him every time he has to go there.His moms hands are tied.She will go to jail if she don’t send him.We live in Wisconsin,Keep
    up the good work.More people should be like you and get involved.
    My heart goes out to Kyron and also to Zahara.Maybe we should become a country that believes in a eye for an eye.Abused animals have more rights than our children.

  5. I watch NG each night hoping to hear good news about Kyron H. who disappeared fron school June 4,2010. Please give out the latest about this little sweet angel.

    Thank yoy very much

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