Man Arrested in Flagrante Delicto Whilst Driving North Shooting Kangaroos

There are just some crimes that are difficult define. This arrest of Brendon Alan Erhardt, 39, would be one of them and it would not be “shooting kangaroos from the vehicle whilst driving north”.

This would have to be charged as drug possession and reckless driving in the United States, but it hardly captures the range of conduct. Evidence should not be a problem since Erhardt was considerate enough to videotape himself.

What is amazing is that Erhardt was granted bail so he could marry his girlfriend of six months before he goes to jail. No word on the lucky girl.

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8 thoughts on “Man Arrested in Flagrante Delicto Whilst Driving North Shooting Kangaroos”

  1. Gonna give the Senator the benefit of the doubt. He, in his mind, really was trying to build Alaska…

    Can’t explain “the bridge to nowhere” though.

  2. mespo,

    That is it, exactly. Finally someone will state the truth. God Bless Uncle Ted.

  3. On Uncle Ted, it’s obviously a case of mistaken identity, poor proof reading on the forms, and unwelcome land accretion. What’s all the fuss? Didn’t we bargain for this in 2000 and 2004?

  4. whooliebacon,

    That is one hell of a revelatory juxtaposition you laid out!

    And the rednecks? I was just shocked I’ll tell you. That was as shocking as Ted Stevens being corrupt. My whole world crashed when I heard about Uncle Ted. But I don’t believe it, so everything’s O.K. now. It was just another “mental” moment.


  5. Here’s a percy for you, Jill.

    Thank god we have blessed people like Phil Gramm to point out what whinners we are and that the economy is mental.

    And, thank god Ms. Pelosi has pointed out you should quite whinning about Congress because you have got all you are gonna’ get and that what you think about Mr. Bush is all mental.


    Red neck behavior in Australia…who’d a thunk it.

  6. I think I saw this film: Guns, Sex, Drugs and Videotape. Perhaps this is what qualifies as evidence for Nancy Peolosi.

    We have a well know pastor in Toledo who videotaped himself at K-mart doing one of the above.

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