Ohio Officer Acquitted After Allegedly Shooting a Woman Who Was On Her Knees Holding Her Baby

Sgt. Joseph Chavalia has been acquitted in the SWAT case from Lima, Ohio. Prosecution experts in the trial of Chavalia concluded that the SWAT killed Tarika Wilson, 26, by shooting her in the neck and chest while she was on her knees, complying with their orders, and holding one of her children. Her one-year-old son was also shot and had to have a finger amputated. This is only the latest such controversy involving a SWAT team.

Prosecution experts found that Wilson had complied with orders but was shoot regardless, click here.

This trial occurred at the same time as the Minnesota SWAT team controversy, click here, and the Marlyand SWAT team controversy, click here.

Like those cases, this was a drug raid and in fact Wilson’s boyfriend, Anthony Terry, was arrested.
Wilson was unarmed and behind a door when Chavlia sprayed the door from the hallway.

Eleven officers raided the home.

For the latest on the story, click here.

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  5. Its time to stand up and tell our city leaders that we will no longer sit by and accept without question the lawless actions of rogue police officers. We have moved our law enforcement into a full para-military group. Our silence is our approval. This is just one of a recent avalanche of police officers getting away with violating the law and our civil rights. Most definitely the family of the mother and child should file wrongful death suits against the officer and the city. I usually am against the Feds coming in after the fact and filing further charges against an acquited defendant, but if that is what its going to take to ensure justice and a message, then so be it.

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