Ohio Officer Acquitted After Allegedly Shooting a Woman Who Was On Her Knees Holding Her Baby

Sgt. Joseph Chavalia has been acquitted in the SWAT case from Lima, Ohio. Prosecution experts in the trial of Chavalia concluded that the SWAT killed Tarika Wilson, 26, by shooting her in the neck and chest while she was on her knees, complying with their orders, and holding one of her children. Her one-year-old son was also shot and had to have a finger amputated. This is only the latest such controversy involving a SWAT team.

Prosecution experts found that Wilson had complied with orders but was shoot regardless, click here.

This trial occurred at the same time as the Minnesota SWAT team controversy, click here, and the Marlyand SWAT team controversy, click here.

Like those cases, this was a drug raid and in fact Wilson’s boyfriend, Anthony Terry, was arrested.
Wilson was unarmed and behind a door when Chavlia sprayed the door from the hallway.

Eleven officers raided the home.

For the latest on the story, click here.

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  1. And my apologies as to being insensitive to the needs of Gyges as I forgot to reference my sources:

    The 14 year old girl that was gang raped, burned and murdered by your “friends and family” was Abeer Qassim al-Janabi;

    her 34 year old mother was named Fakhriyah;

    her 45 year old father was named Qasim;

    and her 7 year old sister Hadil.

    The six “friends and family” of Gyges that came to Iraq to bring this little girl ‘Freedom, Democracy, Horror, Rape and Death’ were Jesse SPIELMAN, Steven GREEN, Bryan HOWARD, James Barker, Paul Cortez, Anthony Yribe.


    raedinthemiddle (a ME website was the only one I could find that fully detailed the atrocities)

    CNN couldn’t bother naming the parents and sister or indicating that the sister was 7 years old

    MSNBC didn’t bother to list the age of the sister either and continuously referred to the 14 year old as “the woman”.

    Fox didn’t think the story was that important.

    I guess I can’t have any sympathy for 7 year old and 14 year old girls who are brutalized and murdered , because I have a “perfect” life and those foreigners weren’t my friends or family. Some people have no conscience and are beneath contempt.

  2. Learn to use Google. I searched Rupert Murdoch Jew and nothing but came up. The fact that he may be a Crypto-Jew and that both his daughters married Jews probably means nothing to you. MS has told you over and over again; go to his web-link, ALL the names can be found there.

    And as far as Jews not being a race, there is a GENETIC disease that is common to European JEWS, it’s call Tay-Sachs. The last I checked, there was no genetic diseases that could be isolated by religion.

    BTW, Gyges, which of those six US soldiers that raped and murdered a 14 year old and 7 year old girl was your “family” and which were merely “friends”?

  3. Excuse me I googled Rupert Murdoch. I have no idea where that Richard came from.

  4. Zakimar,

    I googled Richard Murdoch, the FIRST name on your list. Then I went through the first 2 pages of links that came up, did a word search for “Zionist” and “Jew.” The only thing that came up was a mention of Obama having a problem with the Jewish vote in Florida.

    So I ask again, what is your source for this list of names?

  5. “and your buddy MS who admits to being a Jew states these names are from a website of Jews.”

    You know that’s a lie. Your info is from http://www.jewwatch.com, which is not a website of Jews, it’s a highly anti-Jewish website.

    “2% of the US population should not control that much of ANY one industry.”

    I would think you would be very comfortable with that since you support many Islamic States where 2% of the population controls not just the media, but the whole country and its’ wealth. Perhaps indeed since you have a perfect life and are a man of means you’re one of that Islamic 2%.

  6. All 87 names are WELL known Jews, if you don’t know that somehow, pick ANY name and Google it. It’ll take all of 5 seconds. You and four other Zionists are the only ones who have a problem with the list, and your buddy MS who admits to being a Jew states these names are from a website of Jews.

    2% of the US population should not control that much of ANY one industry.

  7. Zakimar,

    Again, how do you know that 75% of the experts are Jewish?

    I personally can’t tell a Jewish person just by looking at them. One of my sister in laws has blond hair and blue eyes and another is from Trinidad, both are Jewish. Sammy Davis Jr. was also Jewish. He looks nothing like either of them. None of the three bears even a passing resemblance to Einstein. It can’t be last names, so many people in the media use fake names. Also interfaith marriages are on the rise, and many families names were “Americanized” when they immigrated. So how do you know?

    You do have a point that our media is much more sympathetic towards one of our countries main allies than towards the allies enemies. I’m sure the same thing has happened with the English and the French and their enemies (I can even think of a time when it got us involved in a war). You have yet to convince me that it rises to the level of conspiracy and is not just regular biased journalism.

  8. Police shot and killed a teen on Saturday, and on Sunday (yesterday) there was a riot in protest, not in Maryland, Minnesota or Ohio, but in Quebec. What these incidents require is a lot more civil disobedience and media attention.

  9. Gyges; If it were true that CNN just wants to keep their viewers happy because, “Americans want their news reporters to look a certain way”, then I would think the more than 1/3 of the US population that is either Hispanic, Black, or Asian wouldn’t mind looking at some of their own faces rather than another Caucasian or Jew. I don’t think too many people find too much aesthetic value to the faces of Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Gary Tuchman or Bob Franken.

    But I couldn’t careless who the networks decide to be the “face” of the news, I care more about who controls the stories. Next time you’re watching any of the media outlets on the list above, especially Fox and CNN, listen to the language that the reporters are reading from the teleprompter. Israeli official STATES vs. Palestinian official CLAIMS; Palestinians KIDNAP or ABDUCT two Israeli vs. Israel DETAINS or CAPTURES Arabs; Arabs MURDER Israelis vs. Israelis KILLS Arabs; and the ever prevalent Palestinians ATTACK vs. Israelis RETALIATE. Can you find a SINGLE case on Fox or CNN of Arabs RETALIATE to Israeli ATTACK/AGGRESSION?

    The bias is not only in the hiring of the anchors and Reporters, it’s also of the Editors and Writers. Watch the Talking Heads on every night, not just on Fox, CNN and other “news” stations, but even shows like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Real Time etc, well over 75% of the “experts” or guests are Jews (Zionist or otherwise). All Americans should be concerned about this sort of monopoly because it leads to this sort of institutionalized racism.

  10. Mespo727272.

    Only 3 names because those are the ones that are stuck in my memory, but Google any one of them and the search list will lead you to many more since they will appear in already collected lists of police shootings and subsequent acquittals. For example I just googled with the following search string “”Amadou Diallo” “Sean Bell” “Tarika Wilson”” to get a 10 hit list. This one of them relates to New York city only.

  11. Carlyle Moulton

    “Well if news reports of the deaths of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and Tarika Wilson and of the acquittal of their killers constitute extremist propaganda.”


    Come now Carlyle you know better than most that three examples do not prove even a trend, much less a universal fact. Egregious results do not prove that the system as a whole works that way. Yanks or not, we can make logical deductions and spot a hasty generalization when we see one.

  12. Gyges,
    Google JewWatch and check out the site. you’ll see his sources and you can judge their credibility for yourself. In any event Saudi’s do own 40% of CNN, despite who they put on the air and if Ruppert Murdoch
    is Jewish I’m going to discuss his excommunication with my Rabbi.

  13. Zakimar,

    About your Zionist news conspiracy: First I’d like to know your sources for the fact that everyone on that list is a “Zionist Jew.” I doubt you personally had the time to go and research every single name on the list thoroughly, so it seems like it probably came from somewhere and I’d like to know how reliable and unbiased the source material is.
    I can’t find a single listing of CNNs employees on their website, so how do you even know that they hire 0% Arabs? Sure their public face might be sadly lacking in that respect, but look at who their target audience is, Americans want their news reporters to look a certain way. That’s slowly changing, but the turn over in major networks is pretty slow. However the fact that the public face looks a certian way doesn’t mean that everyone in the entire company fits that profile. You’d be hard pressed to find enough people with news anchor looks that want to be in the HR department, selling advertising time, or translating news items into and from Arabic. For every one face you see on the news there’s a battalion of support.

  14. mespo727272

    “All in all your statements have the ring of someone whose vast knowledge comes from reading extremist propaganda, and not from someone who’s been there.”

    Well if news reports of the deaths of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and Tarika Wilson and of the acquittal of their killers constitute extremist propaganda.

    “So I should take from that statement that the group of criminal defendants I saw today, most of whom pled guilty, were atypical of the system and the one case you cite in one tiny jurisdiction is the norm.”

    They pled guilty, does that mean that all of them did perform actions constituting the crime to which they pled. You yanks use the corrupt system of plea bargaining whereby the prosecutor can make credible threats of convicting the defendant on a charge carrying a life wrecking penalty if he/she refuses the plea offer with the tolerable penalty. 95% of cases end in a plea leaving the prosecutors to spend their resources on the recalcitrant few unwise enough to risk trial perhaps because they did not perform the acts of the crime.

    If the vaunted presumption of innocence actually existed going to trial might be a reasonable option but instead most facing a criminal court face the presumption of guilt in the minds of jurors from the respectable classes. These worthy people arrive at court with not only their prejudices against colored and poor people but a desire to help the good guys put away the bad guys raised to fever pitch by years of tabloid and television spreading of moral panic, righteous hate and fear.

    I suggest to read Nate Blakeslee’s book on the scandalous Tulia cocaine busts or at least his articles in the Texas Observer. Observe what happened to those poor niggers when they trusted to the court and plead not guilty before a jury of the righteous white citizens of Swisher County just because they had not sold any cocaine to Tom Coleman. Sentences of mind-boggling visciousness, 25 years, 40 years, 60 years. Not surprisingly later defendants took pleas.

    Pleading not guilty in a US criminal court is to take a dangerous risk.

  15. zak:

    “I got this kind of nonsense when I was debating in University, and I never lost in such a debate.”


    That must have been one lonely lecture hall.

  16. Once again, when I respond to lies with facts, they are dismissed as “anti-Semitic”. What a clever argument. It is only swallowed by monkeys however, and monkeys aren’t the people I’m trying to reach.

    It is not anti-Semitic to suggest that if your “fact” that Saudis own 40% of CNN yet they hire 0% Arabs and a majority of Jews (please see the list above), that the Muslims are more democratic in their hiring practices than are the Jews.

    I got this kind of nonsense when I was debating in University, and I never lost in such a debate. So anyone who feels that ignoring or shouting down the points is being clever, ignorance is bliss and you must be the happiest person alive.

  17. Even if everyone in this case were brought to some type of justice, the damage to free society by events like this cannot be undone. I mean this in the broadest sense.

    Society is now accepting of a paramilitarized civilian police force.

    Society is becoming quieter and quieter when confronted by outright and obvious government abuses, including the execution of citizens.

    Dissent is being silenced.

    Reality is being reframed, rewritten, and restated to us. And many accept it.

    I see no end to these offenses, nor who they will be perpetrated upon.

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