Ohio Officer Acquitted After Allegedly Shooting a Woman Who Was On Her Knees Holding Her Baby

Sgt. Joseph Chavalia has been acquitted in the SWAT case from Lima, Ohio. Prosecution experts in the trial of Chavalia concluded that the SWAT killed Tarika Wilson, 26, by shooting her in the neck and chest while she was on her knees, complying with their orders, and holding one of her children. Her one-year-old son was also shot and had to have a finger amputated. This is only the latest such controversy involving a SWAT team.

Prosecution experts found that Wilson had complied with orders but was shoot regardless, click here.

This trial occurred at the same time as the Minnesota SWAT team controversy, click here, and the Marlyand SWAT team controversy, click here.

Like those cases, this was a drug raid and in fact Wilson’s boyfriend, Anthony Terry, was arrested.
Wilson was unarmed and behind a door when Chavlia sprayed the door from the hallway.

Eleven officers raided the home.

For the latest on the story, click here.

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  1. When BAD cops shoot innocent civilians simply because of race, they will be harshly criticized. It’s just a shame he wasn’t convicted as he should have been.

  2. No, say it isn’t so! Another Zionist Jew, Dana Milbank hates Sen. Obama and went to work for the Zionist Jews that run CNN? I’m surprised that Zionist Jew owner of Fox didn’t hire him first.

  3. Percy,
    I guess the facts got to difficult to deal with so you decided to change the subject. Good cops don’t kill innocent mothers and injure their baby, unless of course, they are black mothers and black babies. If that had been a Black officer and he had shot a white mother and a white baby, he would be in prison now. Dundar and Percy just don’t want blacks to have the same access to justice as whites do.

  4. Let’s just ask bloated woodtick keith olbermann what he thinks. I hear he “fired” another journalist today from NBC that actually had the temerity to QUESTION the antics of Barry Obama…..

    The journalist is now over at CNN, Dana Milbank has some choice words for the woodtick…

  5. percy:

    The cops I know and represent would never countenance the killing of innocents. They are better trained than this 32 year veteran bozo.

  6. If it were my daughter and grandchild I would be sitting in jail about now.

  7. Jury acquitted just like the men who killed Emmett Till, dundar.

    “The day before the trial, Frank Young, a black farm worker, came to Howard’s home. He said that he had information indicating that Milam and Bryant had help in their crime. Young’s allegations sparked an investigation that led to unprecedented cooperation between local law enforcement, the NAACP, the RCNL, black journalists, and local reporters. The trial began on September 19. Moses “Mose” Wright, Emmett’s great-uncle, was one of the main witnesses called up to speak. Pointing to one of the suspected killers, he said “There he is,” to refer to the man who had killed his nephew.

    Another key witness for the prosecution was Willie Reed, an 18-year-old high school student who lived on a plantation near Drew, Mississippi in Sunflower County. The prosecution had located him thanks to the investigation sparked by Young’s information. Reed testified that he had seen a pickup truck outside of an equipment shed on a plantation near Drew managed by Leslie Milam, a brother of J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant. He said that four whites, including J.W. Milam, were in the cab and three blacks were in the back, one of them Till. When the truck pulled into the shed, he heard human cries that sounded like a beating was underway. He did not identify the other blacks on the truck.

    On September 23 the all-white jury, made up of 12 males, acquitted both defendants. Deliberations took just 67 minutes; one juror said, “If we hadn’t stopped to drink pop, it wouldn’t have taken that long.”[12] The hasty acquittal outraged people throughout the United States and Europe and energized the nascent Civil Rights Movement.” (from wikipedia entry)


    Oberlin is nice but 5 miles out of it is way scarier than Lima!

  8. The government killing someone over drugs! I will never, ever understand the so-called War on Drugs. You can’t win such a war. It is stupid and a waste of resources. And of innocent lives. Want to control drugs? Make ’em quasi-legal like alcohol is. Control production and distribution. Tax the hell out of drugs and use that for anti-drug education and for rehab. Free up the prisons for people who truly deserve it, not drug users and dealers.

  9. Jury acquitted the officer; end of discussion isn’t it?

    Or is everybody here privy to more info than the jury saw & heard?

  10. One Ohio town denied municipal water to black residents for decades because blacks “didn’t ask for it in the right way”. They since won an 11 million dollar discrimination award.

    Ohio isn’t on my travel list either.

    Attorney’s for the one year old should file criminal charges and violations of civil rights plus sue for wrongful death.

    Pro bono anyone…

  11. Exactly, Mespo, and this cop shot a woman and a baby who just happened to be in the apartment at the time. What was his sorry excuse for this, “they just got in my way?” Imbecile. I won’t be planning to visit this little town in OH either. Sadly, there are too many other towns all across the U.S. just like it.

  12. dundar:

    True but the cops aren’t supposed to–especially if you’re just a bystander.

  13. Mespo,
    Code it was indeed. The US public has been brainwashed by fifty years of Cop Shows on TV beginning with Dragnet. The movies of the 30’s and 40’s, especially Film Noir and many Westerns, showed a greater awareness of the reality of the police. It is true that many police personnel are exemplary public servants, however, there is also a large percentage that are in it for reasons other than seeking justice. TV’s Cop Show focus, while showing foibles at times, portrays police as the first line of defense against the anarchy of criminal society. People of color are generally portrayed via stereotypes that bear no resemblance to reality. Criminals are always depraved enemies of social stability.

    In a country that harbors great suspicion about the efficacy of government, it is assumed by the general public that the police always act with propriety. A strange dichotomy explainable by the effects of propaganda. The fear engendered by these shows makes it possible for some police to literally get away with murder and for a man like Bush to wage illegal wars. Meanwhile a large percentage of the public watches their favorite shows and feels unspecified dread at the dangers of living their lives.

  14. Mespo,
    You are spot on with your comment about the “code words” used to get the jury to acquit. I wish I knew if the prosecution objected to this irrelevant statement by the defense attorney. I am still amazed that this kind of result when a black woman and her child are shot by police after complying with their orders. Aren’t the police supposed to be trained to know when to shoot and when not to shoot? Or are SWAT teams allowed to freely shot first and ask questions later? What would the result have been if this had been a white woman and a white baby shot? I have a stinking feeling that the officer would be doing time already! Remind me to stay out of Lima, Ohio.

  15. From the article,: During closing, the officer’s defense attorney said to the all-white jury:

    “”What kind of world would it be if we didn’t have police officers,” Kluge said. “Joe was doing his duty.”

    This is objectionable and is merely code to the white jurors appealing to their fears. It had nothing to do with the case as no one suggested that convicting this officer would lead to a mass exodus from the force and I ‘m sure there was no evidence of it.The Judge should have stepped in here to denounce this obvious appeal to racial fears.

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