Finally, a True Evil Twin Defense

Criminal defense lawyers have long counseled their clients that, “unless we can show you have an evil twin,” we are likely to lose. Well, that is precisely the defense in a English case where a twin was falsely arrested for bestiality. Police later concluded that DNA evidence belonged to his twin brother.

The police were investigating the assault and killing of sheep by a man who left clothes strewn around a field. They then discovered that he has a twin brother and the DNA sample could have come from either man. Eventually, they arrested the evil twin.

Unfortunately for the defendant in another English case, Bernann McKinnley cannot claim a twin but appears to be claiming a virtual clone of herself.

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7 thoughts on “Finally, a True Evil Twin Defense”

  1. A similar problem exists with DNA tests on chimeras. Those are the result of multiple zygotes that combined. A person who is their own twin, and have multiple DNA signatures. There was a famous case involving a chimera [Lydia Fairchild], and the TV crime show CSI did an episode on the problem as well. The title of that episode was “Bloodlines.”

  2. What’s most disturbing here? The bestiality, the notion that he’d let his brother swing for the crimes, or the fact that he didn’t want to leave a living witness for fear that one of the sheep might ‘finger him’?

  3. The evil twin’s DNA was on the sheep but the good twin’s was on the black helicopter. I never bought that story about aliens and our herbivores.

  4. I think John Edwards needs this defense about now. Nightline should be fun tonight.

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