Mercedes Nichols Arrested Again for Assault

Mercedes Nichols, 17, gained international infamy when a video showed her participating in the ambushing and beating of cheerleader Victoria Lindsay. Now, Nichols has been arrested again for assault in Polk County, Florida for allegedly beating and stabbing her ex-boyfriend.

Nichols allegedly violated a court restraining order by tracking down her ex-boyfriend and then stabbing him repeatedly with a pen. She now has additional charges for three counts of misdemeanor battery, one count of misdemeanor stalking, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of aggravated stalking. All are felonies.

Nichols is accused of being the person who originally invited Mulberry High cheerleader Victoria Lindsay to her home so that she could be ambushed. This will not help things for Nichols, who is now looking at some serious potential time.

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27 thoughts on “Mercedes Nichols Arrested Again for Assault”

  1. Robin you stated “you all never in your life ever fought or hurt someone??? please we all have some a little to much but never the less we are all guilty and should never past judgement on anyone.” Well the answer to that is NO!!!!! I have never hurt or abused someone to that multitude…actually I was one of the people who stood up to fugly bullies like this pig here….She may very well have not touch victoria, but she set it all up, and she did nothing to stop it…plus she has a violent record and for that matter we dont really know if she touched her or not…member she blacked out…where was the video of her blacking out? How do we know that no one continued to beat her while she was blacked out? Mercades very well could have beaten her! She is responsible for her own actions, she can’t put blame on her parents or her grandmother or what some girl says about whom ever…they are her actions and there for her responsibility alone…she done wrong, she don’t feel sorry for it, she is guilty and was found guilty! Too bad she didnt get life in jail….they would have treated her nicely in there

  2. come stalk me nichols and ill show u how a real beaten is done my god id love 2 get my hands on u your discusting in my eyes scum i hope u get everything u deserve lowlife…

  3. them girls were wrong for what they did they should be dead real ttalk if i ever see them i would beat the living crap of them and mercedes

  4. Wow after all these years i get to read all this.. Hmmm first of all what she did was wrong she was charged for the crime even you know she didnt touch victoria, but she is just as guilty.. Mercedes i know well her ex was abusive to her in alot of ways more emotionally than ever, i know this cause i was dating her ex’s father at the time, her ex was no prime rib either they were both wrong for eachother but as most teenagers are and as much as i and her ex’s father tried to talk to them they were more determined to stick it out. Her ex cheated on her which started the first mess between them, she never stabbed her ex at all that is media jumbo BS.. she threw a pencil at him in school and being that it was sharp it got his hand, now if her ex was a winny baby and call that a stabbing then fine so be it, but you know the media they always make it out more than what it is. I know Mercedes and yes she is a little spoiled brat that is a bit rough around the corners however she is also one of the nicest, she was pulled into the wrong crowd i know that is no excuse but do you all that is on here writing such negitive against her mean to tell me that you all never in your life ever fought or hurt someone??? please we all have some a little to much but never the less we are all guilty and should never past judgement on anyone. she made a mistake and i pray that she is trying her hardest to change her ways and move on, so please look into your hearts as god says. Forgiveness

  5. Disgusting loser!!!! She needs to disappear from the face of the earth!

  6. LOWLIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just hating cause she looks like porky the pig!

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