Don’t Tazerberry Me, Ma’am: Another Cop Suspended for Demanding Free Starbucks Coffee

Yet another police officer has been suspended for threatening Starbucks employees with arrest or worst if they did not continue to fork over free coffee. Chicago police officer Barbara Nevers has been suspended for 15 months for allegedly demanding both free coffee and baked goods.

The 55-year-old Nevers allegedly threatened Starbucks employees by screaming at them and flashing her badge, handcuffs or gun when they wanted her to pay. For that, you only get a suspension in Chicago?

Nevers appears to have done with at a variety of Starbucks, click here. I know the Starbucks in question since it is “my Starbucks” when I am back home in Chicago. It almost always has a couple of officers in the place since it is close to the local station.

She is accused of simply walking away with some products. Yet there is no criminal charge or termination of the officer.

Starbucks appears to be the undoing of many a police officer, click here.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Tazerberry Me, Ma’am: Another Cop Suspended for Demanding Free Starbucks Coffee”

  1. Just another example of the gang in blue gone wild.

    Here in Memphis, the cops were stealing drugs from the evidence room, running prostitution rings out of their squad cars, and in general running rampant over the laws. Hardly, a week went passed by, when some cop or other was arrested, suspended, or taking early retirement.

    Until the courts get serious with these gangs of men in blue, we will all be at their mercy and insanity.

  2. Gyges, This is the new age movement. In that belief system nothing is given freely, only taken.

    Susan and rafflaw,

    Potent tattoos are tattoos pumped up with viagra!

  3. Rafflaw wrote:
    A “potent” tatoo? I guess I am getting old.

    :::whistling innocently::: I’m not going anywhere NEAR that one.

  4. Well you do have to “manifest” free coffee using techniques from “The Secret”, but “manifesting” is accomplished through the potency of the tattoo (and no, I’m not making this up!).

  5. Jill,
    That is an interesting technique to get freebies. Just show your tattoo and you get free coffee? Wow. Must be some exciting tattoo.

  6. My friend says she’s gotten a lot of free coffee at Starbucks since she got her tattoo. Perhaps the force could pay for each officer to have one of those upon graduation.

    And I wonder why it’s not theft either.

  7. Or even extortion? Considering the cop apparently expected these free gifts in exchange for apparently some sort of protection or something. This smells like some sort of mass conspiracy of strong arming local businesses into payoffs in free services in exchange for police protection or something.

    Why isn’t there some kind of federal investigation into the Chicago Police forces and what appears to be a widespread racket of strong arming and bribes?

    After all their Mayor just got tossed into jail, right? If the Mayors that much of a crook then it doesn’t seem to far fetched to assume the cops he hired might be too, especially given these attempts to strong arm Starbucks.

    You know,not that it matters, but it seems like a cop would feel a little silly, standing there in uniform demanding a free Venti Frappacino and a raisin\blueberry muffin.

  8. “She is accused of simply walking away with some products. Yet there is no criminal charge or termination of the officer”

    I’m no legal expert but isn’t that what is normally identified as “theft” or “shoplifting”?

  9. Speaking of ad campaigns.

    Starbucks, cops almost kill for our coffee!

    They do not pay those people enough for a cop to come in and show their gun. That would be terrifying.

  10. This story was a big item in the Chicago area news. I guess when you have to have some caffeine, nothing else matters. It is unfortunate that the arrogance of this officer has cost her a lengthy suspension, but you reap what you sow.

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