Bad Dog, Bad Dog, What’ya Goin’ To Do: Prince George’s Police Accused of Pattern of Blundered Raids and Dog Shootings

Recently, police officers raided the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo. The team proceeded to shoot the two black labradors at the home, bust through the door, and handcuff the the mayor (who was in his underwear) and his mother-in-law, here. The Prince George’s Sheriff’s Office are now accused of a pattern of botched raids, including prior pet shootings.

Last November, Prince George’s sheriff’s deputies executed a warrant on the home of Frank and Pamela Myers and proceeded to shot their dog. It turns out that they were at the wrong home. The warrant was for a home two doors down. Yet, when their boxer was barking, the Meyers asked for be able to simply calm him down and leash him. The deputies allegedly refused and insist shot the dog. They have filed a tort action.

In the meantime, Calvo and his wife are devastated by the loss of their dogs, click here. A tort action may also be soon to follow.
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14 thoughts on “Bad Dog, Bad Dog, What’ya Goin’ To Do: Prince George’s Police Accused of Pattern of Blundered Raids and Dog Shootings”

  1. for decades they (and i’m talking about ALL POLICE ACROSS OUR NATION NOT JUST A FEW BAD APPLES, began stealing hundreds of millions of dollars using civil asset forfeiture scams like an organized criminal gang. congress FINALLY had to change the law because of the wanton constitutional abuses by the police. so don’t give us your ‘a few bad apples’ bullshit!

  2. zakimar:

    Protest may spark change, but legislation enshrines it. I wouldn’t rush into the streets unless I had a Bill ready to go into the hopper.

  3. Police shot and killed a teen on Saturday, and on Sunday (yesterday) there was a riot in protest, not in Maryland, Minnesota or Ohio, but in Quebec. What these incidents require is a lot more civil disobedience and media attention.

    In this case the Police will not get to ‘wash their hands’ because the victim was a rich, white, MAYOR, but the poor and/or minorities have to start working together.

  4. Jill,
    You are right that the example of the Bush White House that torture is useful(false) and necessary(also false) lead to more abuses system wide in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo. And that is beyond the torture that was ordered by Washington. The ends justifies the means thinking of Bush is contagious and dangerous.

  5. “Still another important point is that whenever police violate
    either the spirit or the letter of the law, the line between totalitarian and democratic governance becomes blurred.”

    Quote from site below: This document is a research report submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice.

    When you see a pattern of a certain type of police brutality I think it’s imperative to understand why that is. Just as the use of certain types of torture moved around from Bagram, black sites, Iraq and Gitmo leading to an originating source, that being the whitehouse, so do these similar types of misconduct most likely also origniate at the top of this food chain.

  6. Martha H Stated; “Meanwhile 850,000 police in America are ignored by JT who insists on posting articles on what .1% of the police are accused of doing that is wrong”

    Excuse me mam, but I think you’re suffering from statistical dyslexia. Move your decimal one space to the right, and then attribute it to the 1 percent is the number of cases that actually ever make it to prosecution. Most cases are never prosecuted simply because the justice system cannot be relied on to police itself.

  7. martha h,

    That .1% are usually enabled and assisted by other cops who do nothing.

    Of course, most cops, like most civilians, do their jobs and do them well, but that’s not news and should be of no concern to freedom-loving citizens. Every week, all over the country, cops are not only brutalizing citizens (both guilty and innocent), but they are frequently getting away with it.

    If you want to start a “Most Cops are Great!” blog, feel free. But that attitude will never solve the serious problems of police corruption and incompetence and has gone a long way towards making those problems worse.

  8. Hey martha h, I ‘ve got a story about our men in blue doing their jobs and arresting the bad guys:

    “A former adviser to President Bush was arrested this week in Maryland and charged with swindling two department stores out of more than $5,000 in a refund scam.

    Montgomery County police said Claude Allen, 45, was arrested Thursday and charged with carrying out a felony theft scheme at Target and Hecht’s stores. He was released on his own recognizance.”

    Go Montgomery County PD, Go!

  9. Meanwhile 850,000 police in America are ignored by JT who insists on posting articles on what .1% of the police are accused of doing that is wrong.

    JT: can you post just ONE article of ONE policeman serving his community or is that asking too much????

  10. I think so too. This seems like they’ve had it planned for a long time and had something against the mayor. From what I’ve read on the story the dogs weren’t threatening at all. I’ve known at least one lab in my life and it was so friendly.

  11. Methinks that there is something very wrong in the Sheriff’s Deputies hiring practices in Prince George County.

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