A Fool and His Money: Massachusetts Prostitute Arrested for Stealing $62,000 from Drunken John

In Lowell, Mass, a prostitute is charged with stealing $62,000 after she involuntarily turned a brief liaison into a full bondage scene. Jessica Garcia, 30, allegedly was to be paid $30 to perform oral sex, but noticed that the man had a duffel bag filled with cash. The man says that she tied his belt around his legs, pushed him down, and ran for it with the cash.

The man was reportedly drunk and was holding a bag of money filled with credit card advances. The man had been drinking cognac for hours and, according to police, rode his bike with the duffel bag in the search of a prostitute on Saturday night. She took him to the basement of a nearby building when he got more than he paid for.

She is now charged with unarmed robbery. He is lucky. Police have been forfeiting cars and other property used by johns. Notably, however, the police found Garcia later that night with only three stacks of bills totaling $44,521. That would make this a roughly $18,000 hire — finally Spitzer looks frugal in comparison.

As for the John, he has shown once again the truism that a fool and his money are soon parted.

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2,000 from Drunken

6 thoughts on “A Fool and His Money: Massachusetts Prostitute Arrested for Stealing $62,000 from Drunken John”

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  2. rafflaw,

    You reminded me of something silly that I’ve seen a few times. There’s a small food co-op here which I shall call the “Righteous Turnip” (Dykes to Watch Out For) due to the evil looks one receives for asking about a bag for one’s groceries.

    Several times now, guys old enough to be grandfathers to the young women who work there try to hit on these young women by repeting how they rode their bikes to the store. I have not seen any sucess from this approach although I see no lack of attempts. Perhaps if they wore a Lance “live strong” band, and maybe were about 40 years younger it would work!


  3. That is one expensive “visit” to a lady of the night. Plus, How sexy is it that he rode his bicycle to find a prostitute? You couldn’t make up a story like this. Isn’t it illegal to pay a prostitute for sex? If so, why don’t we get the “John’s” name and was he prosecuted?

  4. 1L:

    I prefer you to think of $62,000 as two years of law school rather than roughly 2000 visits to a Lowell Massachusetts prostitute.


  5. Not speaking from experience, but it seems that if you have $62,000 in cash handy, maybe the prostitute budget should be set a little higher that $30!

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