Human Rights Group: Pakistani Women Being Burned or Mutilated with Acid by Husbands and Boyfriends

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has published a very disturbing study that found that in 2007 dozens of women were burned in acid attacks or set on fire in Pakistan by their husbands or boyfriends. The government appears to have done little to deter these attacks.

The human rights group has detailed 33 women burned in acid attacks, and 45 were set on fire. They have published pictures that are highly graphic and obviously heartbreaking. They are too graphic to post on this site.

Acid appears to be a favorite method of attack in this area, particularly around Lahore.

The abuse of women and girls in this area has become a global concern and these attacks are an additional grotesque danger to their lives.

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8 thoughts on “Human Rights Group: Pakistani Women Being Burned or Mutilated with Acid by Husbands and Boyfriends”

  1. Martha,
    I agree Obama should never have accepted the invitation. The reason is the discussion was fixed. McCain was never in the “guaranteed cone of silence” and so was prepped for his answers in advance. Also a study of the transcript shows that they were not asked the same questions. Consistently Rev. Warren gave more nuanced questions to Obama, while simplifying the purported same question for McCain. Finally, try to check out how the polls are really running.

    The beat goes on in countries that allow fundamentalist law to rule them. Consistently in these situations women suffer. Religious fundamentalism in any religion it seems, is always primarily involved in oppressing women and sexuality. Interestingly, fundamentalism rarely pays heed to the underlying teaching of most religions: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

  2. Martha H,
    I see that you haven’t forgotten your usual Bush loving talking points. I don’t know which discussion you were watching on Saturday night. I thought Obama had the most intelligent answers of the two candidates. I would not call that a town hall meeting when both candidates are not on the stage together. Back to the point of this posting, I guess you must be in favor of abusing women since you haven’t mentioned anything disputing the story which is the subject of this posting. I have to admit that I am not surprised.


    Just kidding. Keith looks the other way when it is a Democrat.

  4. rafflaw; your guy Obama blew it big time on Saturday night.

    No wonder Obama lied about doing townhall meetings with Senator McCain and now runs and hides from them.

    No wonder Obama’s handlers are limiting him to three debates with Senator McCain; they know he is nothing without a written speech and a teleprompter in front of him.

    Obama is dropping like a rock in the polls as America discovers who this CLOWN is.

  5. Michael,
    This situation in Pakistan is outrageous. Of course, the news today is that Musharraf has resigned so maybe George W. can take a hint from his old Pakistani buddy.

  6. Russ,
    Apparently murderous dictators, who got their power from a military coup are swell with you.

  7. Senator Biden & Kerry went to Pakistan during the last election.

    They both urged Pakistanis to throw Mushareff out of office.

    Musharef’s party lost power.

    The new party in power started releasing Taliban prisoners.

    Those Taliban prisoners went to Afganistan.

    In Afganistan they tried to kill American soldiers.

    Senator’s Biden & Kerry need to be denounced in the US Senate.

    They are both Democrats and Kieth Olbermann, the low life, loves them both.

    J. Turley thinks Keith Olbermann is swell………

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