Pick-Up and Get Out: Texas Home Owner Told by Association to Get Rid of F-150 Truck In Drive-Way

Jim Greenwood has a brand new Ford F-150 sitting in his driveway — the virtual symbol of the Texan lifestyle. However, the Stonebriar home owners association in Frisco, Texas views the F-150 as decidedly low-brow in their high-end community and has told him to remove it. The HOA allows only the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline and Lincoln Mark LT. Ford’s new motto is “Drive One,” just don’t try to park one in Frisco.

Not long after the appearance of the new truck, he received a formal notice that read: “Mr. Greenwood, you’re violating a subdivision rule that prohibits pickup trucks in your driveway.”

Mr. Greenwood insists that the Ford F-150 isn’t much different from the Lincoln Mark LT.

However, Bill Osborn of the HOA board has said au contraire: “the high-end vehicles that are allowed are plush with amenities and covers on the back. It doesn’t look like a pickup. It’s fancier.”

Besides, he added (I hope with a certain haughty accent): “It’s our belief that Lincoln markets to a different class of people.”

Now, before you conclude that the Stonebriar HOA is a bunch of senseless snobs, they do allow you to drive a Ford or other low-brow vehicles if you keep them hidden in your garage — away from offending eyes.

The law allows HOAs to set such conditions. It is not a governmental act and thus not subject to the same rules. It is strictly a contractual matter. Greenwood consented to those conditions when he moved into the development. Besides, Ford can hardly complain. It was Henry Ford who told customers that they could have any color Model T “so long as it is black.”

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  3. I think the true test of the pickup being “Ford tough” is for the owner to donate the vehicle — with significant momentum — to the premises of the HOA (specifically, its lobby or reception area).

  4. It’s tough not being able to buy the vehicles that will show my true worth. I’m embarassed every time I have to go to the store. I know that people laugh at me when I pull up next to their Hummers. What can a poor man do except to admit that he’s yet another dreary member of the masses? My face is burning red.

  5. Getplaning,
    I like your comment because it shows how ridiculous the whole thing is. By the way I drive a PT Cruiser Convertible and also a 93′ LeBaron
    Convertible. They wouldn’t let me buy in that community, assuming I had the money to do it.

  6. Anyone who joins that “sort” of community (!) deserves what they get. He knew their moronic rules when he signed them.

  7. “the high-end vehicles that are allowed are plush with amenities and covers on the back. It doesn’t look like a pickup. It’s fancier.” I certainly hope the HOA has checked each allowable vehical for the amount and plushiness of their interiors. If they haven’t they’re not serious about their jobs. I’m thankful that there are people like this to enforce the important codes in this world. Do you know that Australians, even the super wealthy ones, hang their laundry outside to dry (well the super wealthy pay someone else to do it). The horror is overwhelming. And don’t get me started on seeing swingsets in the side yard. That is just crass. Heaven forfend.

    It isn’t just the govt. who likes to abridge people’s rights anymore.

  8. A sad commentary on how status has become intertwined with the American ethic. The mindset of the HOA leadership is absurd, yet I would guarantee that they don’t see it that way. To them they are protecting their home values and their community’s standing in the eyes of the surrounding area. Little do they realize that from the status perspective of “old money” in this country, this is more the action of parvenu’s and social climbers.

  9. I would counsel a new Escalade and a trip to see Xzibit on “Pimp My Ride.” I used to enforce these restrictions when I stupidly accepted the “offer” to serve as president of my HOA. I do know these restrictions are strictly construed against the HOA and I bet there’s nothing in there about “screamin’ yellow” fenders, purple tailgates, and boom box speakers with LCD TV’s attached. Vive la difference!

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