Father Charged in Electrocution of 11-Month-Old Son From Defective Clock

In Denver, Colorado, a father, Ernesto Talavera-Nunez, is charged with the death of his 11-month-old son who touched exposed electrical wires on an alarm clock that he had repaired. He could now face 16 years for a class-three child abuse felony.

The boy ultimately suffered burns and died of cardiac arrest.

Frankly, I have been critical of some criminal charges for parents who are lose children in acts of negligence, click here. For an otherwise loving but careless parent, there is no punishment that will equal the loss of the child. In this case, however, the clearly stupid act of leaving an exposed electrical wire deserves some criminal punishment.

For the full story, click here and here.

28 thoughts on “Father Charged in Electrocution of 11-Month-Old Son From Defective Clock”

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  2. I think the prosecutors need to accept the existence of concept called a MISTAKE. He may have actually made a wholly adequate repair in every respect other than it being 11-month-old-kid-proof (e.g., gnawing on wires, etc.)

  3. Criminal charges? It is not unreasonable to believe the father made no connection to the potential danger to his child when repairing that clock. Of course it is not the proper way to do such a repair, but to face a long jail term? This a tragedy, but seems like an accident, and an example of less than stellar judgement. Of course facts not available in the story might indicate otherwise, but barring details that significantly change that story presented, should one go through life worried that simple acts of every day life could potentially result in one spending a decade and half of their life in a cage? Also, as Professor Turley noted, the punishment of the loss of a child is unequaled.

  4. Yea except he didn’t kill his son.

    It was an ACCIDENT.

    But in today’s new “PENAL America”, there are no accidents.

    Instead we take them, turn them into crimes, so that we compound tragedy’s by heaping more tragedy on those who survive.

  5. Killing your own son is about as much punishment as one who owns a heart could get, but hey, give ’em 16 years, that ‘ll help everyone.

  6. hmmm, yea, guess you’re right there Raff.

    He sure seems to have the “pig” portion of it down cold.

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