View to a Kill: Seattle Searching for Tree Killer

Seattle is facing a bizarre series of attacks on their trees. Someone has been drilling holes into mature trees and injecting them with a herbicide along the picturesque Burke Gilman trial. It is not a unique crime — often committed by people who want a better view from their homes.

The culprit has already cost the city over seventy-thousand dollars and killed three large silver poplar trees and four 70 foot Douglas firs are dead. Two other trees are starting to turn brown.

Police with occasionally be faced with such crimes, here.

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2 thoughts on “View to a Kill: Seattle Searching for Tree Killer”

  1. I wonder if a declaration of covenants and restrictions against an obstructed view would ameliorate the criminal charges.

  2. I think we should have the NSA check in Cheney and have the FBI issue a NSL and find out if the Dark One has been busy with a drill.

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