Castro Regime Arrests Outspoken Punk Rocker for “Social Dangerousness”

Cuban authorities have arrested and jailed punk rocker Gorki Aguila for “social dangerousness,” a charge that could carry up to four years in prison. Aguila has been an outspoken critic of the Castro brothers and their brutal regime. The arrest is a telling reminder to celebrities and gadflies who continue to fawn on Castro that he remains a dictator who denies basic freedoms to a people.

Aguila, 39, is the lead singer of Porno para Ricardo. He performs songs that openly insult Fidel Castro and his brother Raul. The Castro brothers previously banned the songs from official Cuban airwaves, but that has not reduced his popularity.

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4 thoughts on “Castro Regime Arrests Outspoken Punk Rocker for “Social Dangerousness””

  1. CroMM,

    Everyone knows fascists hate communists for trying to muscle in on their gig.

  2. Well the same thing is happening in America, Dundar. People are being arrested by the government, for things like wearing T-Shirts that show the number of soldiers killed in the Iraq war, like they did to Cindy Sheehan in our own Capital, during a Bush speech.

    Perhaps the problem is your republican government is too much like Cuba’s?

  3. No doubt this is America’s fault.

    Had we just accepted the fact he had forcefully taken over a corrupt government and welcomed him to the family of nations Cuba would today be a Communist Paradise like so many other Communist nations instead of a Communist failure…..

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