UCLA Faces New Controversy Over Use of Race in Admissions

UCLA is facing a renewed controversy over the use of race in its admissions policies after Political science professor Tim Groseclose resigned in protest from the Admissions committee. He has charged that the school is covering up illegal use of race as a selection criteria — a long simmering controversy at the school.

Groseclose resigned this week from the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools. In an 89-page report, he wrote that “[a] growing body of evidence strongly suggests that UCLA is cheating on admissions.

Under a 1996 voter initiative, Proposition 209, California’s public universities are barred from considering race and other factors in the admissions process. The result was a sharp decline in black enrollments. In 2006, the university embarked on a new “holistic” approach to admissions that Groseclose and others claim is a thinly veiled race-based process.

There has been an increase in admissions of black students, though the school insists that Groseclose is falsely assuming a cause and effect relationship.

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2 thoughts on “UCLA Faces New Controversy Over Use of Race in Admissions”

  1. I got wait-listed at the University of Texas the same year Hopwood sued the University of Texas. I was forced to attend Tulane Law where I was instructed by a bunch of cut-rate wannabe-Cajun yahoo’s.

    If not for affirmative action I would have been able to buy a cool car several years earlier than I was able due to the payment of several gumbo loans I had to take while living in New Orleans.

  2. With the information presented in the story, it is hard to make a decision as to who is telling the truth. The one individual who is a member of the so-called American Civil Rights Institute sounds like someone who doesn’t want any minorities on campus. His comments seem racist when he suggests that the mere increase in African Americans being admitted is evidence of illegal activity. When I see groups using Civil Rights monikers to claim minorities are getting too much of a break in admisssions, I begin to think that he “doth protest too much”. That Proposition that was passed sounds like a right wing plan to prevent minorities from being admitted.

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