Palin v. Putin: Is the United States Falling Behind in a Hunting Arms Race?

Vladimir Putin seems ready to meet the challenge of Sarah Palin. Supporters of the Vice Presidential hopeful have released pictures and videos of her shooting high-powered rifles, skinned bears, and posing with dead animals that she has shot. Putin, technically the second in command of Russia, has released a series of macho pictures, including his shooting of a Siberian tiger with a tranquilizer gun. Next, Palin will have to actually eat the heart of a polar bear to meet the Putin challenge.

The use of pictures of great physical feats have been popular since Mao had propagandists run pictures of his swim down the the Yangtze River. Putin has been particularly aggressive in releasing pictures of himself with his shirt off fishing and hunting as he pursues an equally muscular foreign policy. In the tiger photo, Putin is credited with saving the lives of a Russian television crew in bringing down a charging tiger, here and here. The tiger just happened to break free after Putin appeared with a convenient tranquilizer gun. “Vladimir Putin not only managed to see the giant predator up close but also saved our television crew too,” said a breathless Rossiya television anchor on the evening news.

Palin will now have to save a bus of school children from a rampaging timber wolf or an environmentalist pushed into insanity by global warming fears.

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  1. JJGH,

    I sure am glad you are around to explain to me how you’re not racist because you draw conclusions about people based on their country of origin and skin color, not just skin color.

    Also, only people with a huge misunderstanding of evolution think that it leads to racism. All humans share about 99.9% of functioning genes (there’s some ‘junk’ material that doesn’t affect anything, there’s much more variation in that, which is what they use for paternity testing).

    There’s also no “more or less” evolved. No species or subset of a species reaches a certain point and then just stops evolving. Most individual animal\plant\fungus\etc. have very slight genetic differences from their parent(s). Some of the differences actually have a result, most don’t (they’re in the junk section). Sometimes these differences are helpful, mostly not. Some of them get spread Just because the gene for fair skin spread through one group of humanity doesn’t mean that the genes for the other groups became unchangeable.

  2. Mike Spindell….You’re the racist, not me, and I’ll bet you are an anti-whitey, anti-conservative, and anti-Christian bigot.

    I voted for Alan Keyes in the past. One of my good friends is African American and he thinks Obama is a lying Muslim with a terrible agenda. I dated a black once (with a smaller caboose than Michelle). I admire many of the blacks from Ethiopia…they dress nice, work hard, help each other, typically aren’t loud and y and PC sue happy like a lot of American blacks, enjoy their leisure time at coffee shops and other places, and the s keep their ‘cabooses’ in good shape. I also believe we all come from Noah and before that, Eve, which helps to obliterate racism since we all have a common ancestor. You are the true racist and finger pointing Pharisee hypocrite.

    I’m sure, like Obama, you believe in slime to monkey to human evoulution and reject a global catastrophic flood. This truly breeds racism, since the diff’t colors must have evolved differently, some less evolved, and some more evolved. History has many horror stories about the bad treatment of Blacks since Darwinians thought they were less evolved. Many Black Liberation churches teach the opposite, saying blacks are more evolved and/or blessed race.

    Obama’s black liberation theology (BLT) church with his 20 yr weird cultish pastor Jeremiah Wright is a radical racist, including his guest speaker Father Flager, and his award receipient, Nation of Islam leader and UFO experiencer Louis Farrakhan. I am also not self-satisfied. I’ll be more satisfied I write or find more books on the cultic aspects of BLT, esp. how they think all blacks are the true blessed Jews, while whites are cursed Edomites including the Jews in Israel.

    Back to hunting, if Obama is elected, we may all be hunting for food in the wild for sustenance. Sarah Palin is heads up on most of us.

  3. JJGH,
    A really stupid post, dripping with the sarcasm of a self satisfied fool and racist. You think, however, that you’re quite clever, which only highlights your ignorance.

  4. Sarah Palin could take Putin and othe pro-hunting world leaders (more than you think) hunting and fishing in Alaska, thus creating better world relations. McCain and his wife can take them to beautiful Sedona Arizona for sun, hiking, and fishing. They could be entertained by Anchorage’s and Phoenix’s Opera, Ballet, and Orchestras, as well as indigenous Arizona and Alaskan Eskimo folk music and dance, while Sarah Palin and McCain are beautifully dressed, impressing the various world leaders.

    On the Democratic side, Obama and could show world dignitaries south central Chicago. He could point out Ayers and Farrakhan’s homes and how close they are to where he used to live. He could then show them the ‘hood.’ Biden can take them on an Amtrack train ride (not realizing many countries have advanced bullet trains) and show them the New Jersey factories with their heavy CO2 emissions as well as the heavy sreet traffic from the train windows. They could finish their New Jersey and Chicago dreary winter tours with Stevie Wonder and Ludicrous rap music at the White House, with Michelle shaking her ‘big caboose’, in which case Putin would return home and start sending the ICBMs our way without any guilt.

  5. ‘Moose I thought were endangered, or at least close to being so.’


    Moose are not endangered, whatsoever.

    AND if you are a resident of AK, you don’t even need a license to kill moose – OR caribou for that matter…

    In many states, just like deer, herds need to be thinned to preserve the integrity of the species and to maintain their basic overall health and survival in our modern times.

    Moose meat is tasty eating as is venison.

    The question is, as always, whether or not it is ‘healthy’ eating. And that answer depends on what the animal is exposed to during its lifetime.

    It’s a bit of a crap shoot these days – ‘a pig in a poke’
    – you can never really know, for sure.

  6. Mrs. Palin’s acceptance speech reminds me of running for student body president back in high school. A real conservative and an outback style woman, but thinking she know’s anything about foreign policy when it comes to Russia ia a little far fetching.

  7. Non Duplicative Post; Part 3

    When I was a scout, there was only the “Rifle & Shotgun Merit Badge” and we had to know and respect both forms of arms (emphasis on ‘respect’ when being taught by a WW I vet as I was) while qualifying with either one. Today, they apparently bifurcated the two:

    Should your son study for and obtain the foregoing merit badge, and should you audit along with him, a few things will become immediately clear; among them being:

    1. Knowledge of fire arms breeds respect rather than fear.

    2. Knowledge of fire arms is something that most members of the NRA seem to lack; thus making them non-intimidating and to be pitied at best– especially when they claim “the 2nd Amendment CONFERS some sort of right” or when they equate handguns with rifles.

    3. Most members of the NRA are as full of crap as a Christmas goose; especially when they tote their guns as symbols of machismo.

    4. Not all gun owners prefer waking before dawn, walking through 4 feet of snow and sitting on a freezing rock for the off chance of saving a few buck on a few pounds of meat.

    5. Given the choice, most marksmen would prefer to plug nickels at 200-300 yards than spend their time hitting a ball around 18 holes for a day.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.



  8. Non Duplicative Post; Part 2

    Once your son(s) becomes a Boy Scout, even before becoming a First Class Scout eligible to be tortured and worked to death for 24 hours during the Order Of The Arrow initiation, he’ll probably spend a a few weeks one summer in Boy Scout Camp. While there, he and all his friends will gravitate towards the Rifle and Shotgun ranges.

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