Witchcraft Rumor Causes Stampede at Soccer Match — Killing 13 People

A rumor that a soccer player was using witchcraft in Kinshasa, Congo led to a stampede in which 13 people were killed. All of the victims were aged between 11 and 16.

When the police commander was struck in the head by bystanders, police started firing their weapons in the air — a dangerous practice that tends to increase panic and endangers the public from falling bullets.

For the full story, click here and here.

3 thoughts on “Witchcraft Rumor Causes Stampede at Soccer Match — Killing 13 People”

  1. Say what you will, atleat they’ve proven they’re true believers. Who many people do you think you could get stampeding out or your average mega-church by passing a rumor that Jebus was levitating between a couple of SUV’s in the parking lot??? Exactly zero.

    Most people join organized religeons because they want to look respeticble to the Jone’s or to simply avoid being murdered by a retarded mob.

  2. This is a tragic story, particularly due to the age of the kids. I’d say it shows the dangers of religious belief and superstitions holding too much sway over the population but the truth is the Congo is a sad story every day, and tragedy seems to haunt that region.

    But I will say its noteworthy that considering the country is almost exclusively a Christian culture, that they’d let talk of Witchcraft buffalo them like this.

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