Nigerian Man Arrested with 86 Wives — and 86 Lawyers

Bello Masaba, a Nigerian man, is defending himself before a Sharia court after his arrest for having 86 wives and 170 children. Islamic law allows only four wives. Worse yet, he now has 86 lawyers — one for each wife — as his attorneys defend him from punishment and a rash of divorces.

Masaba was arrested “for incendiary contempt of religious laws and contracting unlawful marriage to 86 wives.”

Twenty-seven human rights groups have rallied to Masaba’s side. Human rights activist and playwright Shehu Sani insisted “It is our determination to protect his fundamental human rights as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution and international law.”

Sani promised that the groups “will go to any length to defend Masaba whom we believe is a political prisoner and prisoner of conscience.”

Masama has agreed to divorce 82 of the wives and keep four in compliance with Islamic law — hence the need for 86 lawyers Finally, someone who has given the divorce bar business more than Donald Trump or Elizabeth Taylor. He may be immoral in the eyes of Sharia law, but anyone who employees that many lawyers has a special place in legal heaven.

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